Why Travel?

Me in the Hang Sung Sot cave at Halong Bay (Vietnam)
Me in the Hang Sung Sot cave at Halong Bay (Vietnam)

A question that I get asked quite frequently is why do I travel? Or like to travel? I guess “travel” is a word that can be used for long-term travelers like backpackers, nomads, or really wealthy people who can fly around the world in their private jet so let’s say visiting new countries and places. Why is traveling so joyful and yet not done as often by many?

For me, it’s a few things:

  • The NEW. I get bored pretty easily with my surroundings and always on the look out  for something new and exciting to see, eat, or experience. I also think it’s why I like to do things like skydiving or hang gliding. Doing something that you’ve never done before or putting yourself in a new or different environment gets your attention and sometimes your adrenaline going.
Bungy jumping in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Bungy jumping in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • With adventure comes challenges! Overcoming these challenges or obstacles while in a strange new place is a nice accomplishment. One way to do this is to get out of your comfort zone (this can also apply to life in general).  When traveling, you will encounter problems and it’s how you resolve and overcome these obstacles is key. When you conquer something during your travels, it’s evident.  A smile creeps up on your face like, “I did it! I”m here and alive!”
  • There’s always an opportunity to learn something!! It can be learning a new language or learning another culture’s customs. Sometime’s it can just be something simple like learning to navigate in Paris’s subway system map. Your mind is always absorbing new things during travel and that is fantabulous.
  • You get to experience different ways of life. Different cultures. and the FOOD!! Different + great  X amazing food everywhere. If you are not an open-minded person, traveling can really help you accept other people’s differences and (hopefully) celebrating it!
Glacier in Iceland
Glacier in Iceland
  • The planning aspect of it. For some reason, I love to make plans and plan events, etc. It’s fun and gives me a reason to be excited and something to look forward to. I love using Google documents/drive to help plan my budget, expenses, itinerary, etc. It’s about trying to NOT be bored!
  • Overall, it’s the feeling of change. The opportunity within travel to change and grow within yourself. 🙂 I know it’s incredibly cheesy but it’s true…bite me.
Sitting on a live crocodile. No lie

Why do you want to travel?! What are your top 3 places to visit next?

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