Why lifelong learning rocks

Why lifelong learning rocks


\\ Those are your two options to surviving + making it today.
Either you evolve + grow OR you are outgrown + rendered obsolete. Extinct.

I’m a BIG fan of lifelong learning + self-improvement.

Whether it is in the traditional sense of finishing school, reading books to quench your thirst for knowledge, or taking a workshop to advance a skills set:

Learning is purely for YOU

(and your enjoyment)!

Nobody can take that away from you.  

\\ I hate to break it to you but we are dying. Every day. As we age, our body + mind is not as quick & clear anymore. We slow the process by eating healthy, exercising, taking vitamins + but also practicing the mind to stay sharp and quick. This is why the elderly are encouraged to play mind exercise games — Sudoku, crossword puzzles, as well as video games!

My years of formal education are over. I graduated college back in 2008 and have no desire to go back to a formal setting but I’ve continued to soak up the world in other ways.


+ The companies I worked for have paid for training courses that enhance my skills set in my field + getting  certifications rock!

+ Read like it’s my day job — the news, the internet, journals + books

Why lifelong learning rocks

+ I attended a blogging workshop called The Blogcademy last year. This trio of A-List bloggers travel the world and teach aspiring bloggers how to succeed in the digital world. The workshop I attended was in Austin, TX which gave me an excuse to travel + learn! They covered the basics that I already knew but what was the jewel of attending was the motivation + energy of all the other students.

We came from all around the world with different backgrounds + ages but we all had a passion + idea and we encouraged and motivated each other to succeed with everything we had. Being around ambitious, motivated + passionate people only makes you more so. That’s the type of energy I thrive in. Do you?

+ and don’t stop. Future plans? I am attending the  Write Yourself into Motion workshop in Brooklyn taught by the wonderful  Alexandra Franzen. Gotta sharpen up these writing skills to communicate with sharp laser-like focus.

Why lifelong learning rocks
Marc Allante

How can YOU continue to be on the grind?

+ Traditional Route: Get that degree +  more. Start applying and studying for those SATs/ACTs, GMAT, MCAT + LSAT!

+ Start studying for that certification. Bonus: boost your resume credentials!

+ Attend a workshop OR sign up for a class in your community college/adult education center to hone in a certain skill: a foreign language, knitting, anything creative + or amping up your technological prowess

+ Read. Read. Read. I cannot stress the importance of reading to today’s generation and my peers.

+Pick up a How-To guide on the internet and follow through on a min-DIY project. Teach yourself something new…fool.

+Listen to other people’s stories. The spoken word is strong. Listen & Learn

+ Websites like Khan Academy  + MemRise and open & free courses at MIT WikiVoyage for my travel lovers

++What do you do to continue learning?

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