Why I won’t travel with a boyfriend again

why i will never travel with a boyfriend again

why i won't travel with a boyfriend

Wanna know why I won’t travel with a boyfriend again?

Ok, maybe “never” is a bit too strong of a word but  I made the mistake of  traveling. With a boyfriend. A PHOTOGRAPHER boyfriend.

We’ll call him Mr. Fantastic. 

+ Mr. Fantastic and I were together for  about 2 – 2.5 years. Of course we traveled together. We went to some really cool places like Iceland, Paris,and Belize. Mr. Fantastic took all the pictures! During our travels, I brought my simple point & shoot camera and snapped photos but my photography skills were nothing on his. I was LUCKY. I had my very talented + skilled boyfriend to take pictures everywhere we went. 🙂

To showcase our adventures, I posted the pictures + wrote about our travel stories &  experiences on my blog.

Fast forward to bad times.

We had a…messy catastrophic break up that reached “cataclysmic levels.” A few weeks after it ended, I received an email from him. The email stated that he wanted all of our his travel pictures taken down minus the ones of me. Those were deemed OK for me to leave up.

Respecting his wishes (and the law), I took them down.

+ Except now, I have NO photos to accompany my travel + adventure stories! At least no pictures without me in them! This is bad news bears because people need visual imagery when they are surfing the interwebz!  A good story usually revolves around a few pictures.   Sure, some people  may want my mom may want to see travel posts and pictures of ONLY me.

So for all those countries/destinations where you only see pictures of me….and nothing else, that’s why.
+ No beautiful scenic views
+ No pictures of yummy food
+  No pictures of awesome artwork
Unless I’m in it. Thank goodness it was only a few destinations but still – a lot of good content was lost. *makes a face*

Womp Womp.

why i won't travel with a boyfriend again
Yea, ALONE. see!

That’s when I saw the brightER side of traveling alone (or go with a good friend and and almost get kicked out of a sex/ping pong show in Thailand together).

I haven’t traveled with a boyfriend since and If I EVER do, I’m sure as heck taking my own pictures!

+ Lesson learned: Be sure to take your OWN photos of a place you’re visiting. Even if your photo taking skills suck. You might get twisted in one of these situations and it isn’t so fun. Learn the basics or take a beginner photography class (and some Photoshop tricks).

OR never break up with your significant other if they are a photographer/videographer. haha. 😛

+ Does anybody else have travel horror stories with a significant other or former SO? Let me know! Want to hear it!