Why I won’t get bored of travel

Why I won't get bored of travel

Why I won't get bored of travel

“Won’t you get bored of travel?”

is one of the top questions most people ask frequent travelers and anybody with a strong sense of wanderlust.

I used to be a little afraid of that. Getting bored or finding that travel no longer stimulated my senses like it used to. I was always a little worried the world would no longer excite me. If I was in paradise,  eventually, it would mean nothing because I had already been to another, better “paradise” and feel numb to it all.

But here’s a few (personal) reasons why I don’t think I’ll get bored of travel:

My sense of wonderment and gratitude:

In the beginning, it’s easy to get excited about travel. Experiencing a new place gives us a thrilling rush. After awhile though, airports and airplanes becomes boring, monotonous, and even painful. I can’t ever be more excited to get off a plane nowadays – first class or not. Seeing a beautiful beach on paradise island one after another…starts to feel like another beach on yet, another island. Going to another temple, another church, another mosque can seem trite and tiring but there’s always ways to overcome this…sense of boredom or “already having seen it all.”

I’ve learned to always keep a sense of wonderment. Every place is new and deserves a chance to be recognized + appreciated. A set of eyes that have yet to become cynical. I remember to feel immense gratitude that I’m even ABLE to take pleasure in travel and see the world. Quite frankly, a VERY large percentage of the world will not have a chance like lucky first world me. I refuse to complain about such a first world problem.

Make a point of doing + seeing the things you ENJOY:

If you’re traveling the world and getting bored, you need to refocus on what you’re doing and what you want to do.

The mistake most travelers make is trying to see and do EVERYTHING on the tourist checklist. That’s a formula for getting bored and burnt out faster than a new graduate at an investment banking firm. It’s truly a drag to be “forced” into things that you don’t care to do or see.

When I travel, I focus on my interests and activities I take true pleasure in. I love the famous cliche tourist sites but another pleasure is going off the beaten path – or more the local path. I love food, wine, and finding the greatest views whether it’s at the top of a building, mountain, at a beach or cliff. One of my greatest enjoyments is sitting outside on a sunny day at a cafe, sipping on a glass of wine, with a book, and simply people watching. I’m a bit of a history buff so I can visit historical sights and museums but only in small doses.

Why I won't get bored of travel

So when I plan my activities, it centers around my interests and therefore, boredom is eliminated.

One tip I have to share: getting a (private) tour guide – usually helps tremendously. I love getting insider knowledge from a local – especially one who is well-versed in a city. It’s usually worth the extra dough and you also get to ask for tips and tricks!

What are YOUR interests? Is it food? Wine? Beer? Museums and if so – what kind? Maybe it’s architecture buildings or activities that get your blood pumping. Maybe it’s to go to every UNESCO world heritage site or bringing home a cool t-shirt every day. Whatever it is, find it and focus on them during your trips.

Why I won't get bored of travel

Human Connection:

The reason every single trip I take is different is because of my desire (really, a need) for human connection. I try to make friends wherever I go. Sometimes it’s easier, and sometimes, I need to step out of my comfort zone and just say…hi.

Every trip is special especially when it involves some sort of human connection. Even if it’s just a passing smile or a helpful hand. One memorable experience involves my most recent trip to Copenhagen.

Through a cultural exchange program called Dine with the Danes, I was matched with a local Danish family. They took me in for a night where I had a delicious home cooked Danish dinner. They learned about me and in return, I got to know a little bit about each and every one of them. I asked questions about way of life in Denmark and we spoke about travel and sampled different local Danish beers.

Their two children in their mid-20s and their friend ended up accompanying me for a night of splendid fireworks at Tivoli Gardens and some beers at one of the oldest bars in Copenhagen. It was a warm, genuine fun-loving night full of “hygee” (coziness).

Why I won't get bored of travel

This type of genuine, real conversation and interaction is what makes travel worth it. Not just seeing the world but connecting to people around the world and learning about their life, their experiences, their views – their world.

Constantly learning and asking questions with a sort of kid-like curiosity  is one of the best things to do to keep your mind stimulated and your world ever-growing.

Why I won't get bored of travel

Another insta-friend connection happened when I was just sitting at the Nyhavn canals in busy + bustling Copenhagen. Kazandra asked me to snap a picture of her and randomly asked if I had a blog. I replied in the affirmative and insta-friends! We ended up having a short but sweet lunch of white wine and carbonare while sharing the TL;DR version of our lives and how we both ended up in Copenhagen and wanted to continue to see the world despite life’s limitations on us.

So. Travel the world. Love it. Revel in it. Because it is freaking awesome.

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