Where Generic Dreams is going

Advocating for Planned Parenthood

Over the years, this blog has been my personal outlet and digital journal where I showcased the latest happenings in my life and adventures – some even included my foodie obsession for awhile. (Does anybody remember that that cupcake craze in Washington DC?) Over the years, it evolved into a travel and digital nomad blog for quite a number of years.

Where is it going now?

I’ve settled in Hawaii now for three years and while I still travel, writing about travel at 23 isn’t as appealing as it used to be at 33 and I am quite content to explore the island(s) and stay put for awhile. (I haven’t had rock fever yet but I’m sure it’s bound to happen).

If any of you follow me on social media, you’ll begin to notice that while I still love to travel and explore new destinations, being in one place has allowed me to take part in my community and (at the risk of sounding cheesy) be a more active part of the world and “doing good.” I have played a much more active part for causes that I truly care about and being in one place helps to create more lasting connections.

So, after some thinking, these are questions I keep asking myself:

  • Do I continue writing about travel but focus on local adventures like hikes when I’m not traveling?
  • Do I discuss my activism and passionate causes that I partake in?
  • Do I change this into a pish-posh bucket of everything else I’m interested in besides travel?