When to travel?

People always ask me when to travel and where is the best destination for a certain season.


“Shoulder season” — generally April through mid-June, September, and October (sometimes early November) — combines the advantages of both peak-season and off-season travel.


Weather is still decent + crowds have dissipated + airfare &  hotel prices have lowered + the attractions and sights are still open

To me, this is the best time to travel. \\  but really anytime you can – Go.

when to travel

Avoid summer in the northern hemisphere because it is peak season.  Prices skyrocket during this time. Families with children are taking their vacation so there are LONGGGG lines. It’s also HOT. So – nope. Forget that.

Winter in Europe is cold but can be very festive for the holidays. Christmas markets open and the city is decorated with elegant twinkling white lights. Walking around with a hot mug of warm mulled wine can be worth it against the holiday crowds and chilly air. Be sure to dress warm and carry some hand and foot warmers!

+ Spring or fall? Best thing to do is consider your destination. Both weather and crowds are about the same in spring or fall. Mediterranean Europe is generally green in spring, but parched in fall. For hikers, the Alps are better in early fall, because many good hiking trails are still covered with snow through the late spring. Remember that the southern hemisphere (South America and the Pacific area such as New Zealand & Australia) are the OPPOSITE seasons of us folks in the northern hemisphere. When we have our winters, it is their summer!

+ Rainy or Dry season? A lot of countries have a rainy/dry season vs. regular seasons and it would be prudent to check for each specific destination – particularly SE Asia and parts of Central and South America. Also note that parts of a country may have different weather based on where you are heading. In Peru, the weather will be different if you’re visiting the tropical hidden Macchu Picchu and then going to see Lake Titicaca where it is more dry – one of the destinations will be colder or have more rain, etc.


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  • Good tips! What about in the southern hemisphere? Are there certain areas to avoid b/c of rainy seasons? You sound like you’ve traveled to tons of places!

    • I would visit South America (in the southern hemisphere) during our summers since it is winter there for cooler weather.
      I would avoid Peru in Dec/Jan – it is best to go there around May/June and possibly Sept/Oct.
      Thanks for visiting 🙂

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