Washington DC: Skydive Orange

Skydiving 2006 - Generic Dreams

Washington DC Skydive OrangeIs there skydiving in Washington DC or the Virginia area?

YES. At Skydive Orange!

August + 2006.

I was freshly 20 years old and in college. One week, I asked some friends if they would go skydiving with me. I was bored + tired of  being hot in the humid summers of Virginia. After some online research, I found there IS a skydiving place close to northern Virginia called Orange Skydive.

I was broke enough to not really be able to go anywhere but old enough to know that the world was bigger than my suburban town. We left early in the morning and arrived  in Orange, VA about 1.5 hours later with our nerves buzzing.

After paying the fee ($350 at the time for photos + video circa 2006), we were led into a  classroom with an old tube TV set up at the front and on every desk had a small stack of forms. We grabbed a pen and hurried to sign our lives and limbs away.

The “training video” was about 20 minutes (yawn) but I paid strict attention since this was..ya know – “my life” and all. Afterwards, we were led out into the hangar area where an instructor gave us basic directions as the student skydiver. I was assigned my instructor (the tall, tan and thin guy above!) and was outfitted with my gear. I also met my photographer/videographer and we were on our way to the airplane!

The plane ride was definitely the part where the excitement build. As we reached the right altitude, my instructor connected our harnesses together and we duck walked to the exit.


Washington DC Skydive Orange

Yea…that’s me looking like I’m losing my shit but I swear I’m not!

The initial jump is the most scary but when the wind and clouds hit your face…you are just floating. Wind rushing through your ears and you start to adjust yourself to your surroundings and the view…fuqing STUNNING + 1.

Washington DC Skydive Orange

Washington DC Skydive Orange

Making funny faces for my photographer who managed to take awesome pictures of me! She took many more but these are just a few I hand picked to share. I have yet to get my video available online but you will know when I do!

The freefall was more than a minute long since I had opted for pictures + video. Once my instructor pulled the parachute (thank you lord), we were able to float in the sky for a pretty long time (10-15 mins?).

I was able to take controls of the handles and given basic instructions to navigate! That was actually the scariest + funnest part because you could dive and swirl in the air making your stomach do loopity loops like a roller coast but a LOT more higher in the sky!

Washington DC Skydive Orange

Our very soft landing. FEET UP per instructions!!

My amazing ride was over!! BIG SMILES as I landed to greet my friends.

Washington DC Skydive Orange

Practical Information:
Skydive Orange – Virginia/Washington DC
Airport Hangar Address (can also be used for internet mapping and GPS):
Skydive Orange Inc.
11339 Bloomsbury Rd.
Orange, VA 22960
Email:   skydive@cfw.com
Phone #: 540.943.6587