Vietnam: Saigon + Food with XO Tours

Saigon + Food with XO Tours

Riding & Eating with XO Tours

+ I spent a few days in Saigon or now officially called Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC).

+ On the first night, I knew I wanted to go around Saigon and get FOOD. I arranged a night food tour with It is a tour group of 6-8 young Vietnamese girls wearing traditional Vietnamese dress called Ao Dai. They take you around the city on their motorbikes and show you the sights and sounds as well as the FOOD!! I went on a night time food tour that took us to a few places in different neighborhoods and it was one of the greatest parts of my trip.

The ride was totally safe and I had a blast riding around the city streets. Insurance is included on the tour and they provide official XO helmets and a poncho if needed. Luckily, it was a calm and breezy night with zero clouds in the sky so no need for an umbrella or a poncho.

My tour guide was named Nga – (who I still keep in touch with on Facebook today)and  is a total sweetheart! Couldn’t imagine a more sweet, fun, and informative guide. She made sure I was comfortable the entire time. I felt safe on her motorbike and she pointed out sights and famous streets along the way.

Saigon + Food with XO Tours

They take a few pictures on the tour but bring your own camera – use the wrist strap if you are taking pictures or video while on the motorbike.

(Warning: while on the motorbike, take off all jewelry and wear a sturdy backpack or a cross body purse. Do not put your purse over your shoulders).

I splurged and got a video done of the tour as well! Get ready to try lots of different foods in different areas (local places!) and drink some Vietnamese beer.

Feel free to ask your personal tour guide any questions and be prepared to answer any questions they may have about you and your background! I freely drank everything with ice there and never got sick once. 😉

Saigon + Food with XO Tours

Some delicious sea scallops in a dark roadside restaurant where people ate on low tables & stools.

Saigon + Food with XO Tours

Group cheers! People say 1 -2 -3-YO!!! Or the counting part of 1-2-3 is spoken in Vietnamese instead of English. It’s their version of cheers and I participated with gusto. The rest of the tour members, I just met that very same day. Three girls were from Singapore with one guy being from Malaysia.

Saigon + Food with XO Tours

Saigon + Food with XO Tours

Frying prawns over a burnt fiery bucket. Despite it looking so dirty and ghetto – it was quite clean. Even the bathrooms were well-maintained. I did not get sick once on this trip from anything.

Saigon + Food with XO Tours

Saigon + Food with XO Tours

Having a grand time here stuffing my face. Everything was fresh and drinks were cold and plentiful.

Saigon + Food with XO Tours

This was the last place we stopped at.  As you can tell, this was definitely a local spot on the roadside. It was jam packed with people eating on low stools and lounging on the plastic chairs. We had people twirling fire on the streets and they would extinguish it out as soon as police showed up.

As soon as the police walked away, the flames came right back up! The night ended too soon for my liking. I was dropped back off safe and sound at my hotel – giddy with excitement. I gave Nga some tip for extra and thanked her before she went on her merry way.

Practical Information:
The Foodie Tour – $68 USD for 4.5 hours 
Tour begins @ 5.30 PM

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  • Beware of scams in Hanoi! After two and a half weeks of an enjoyable holdiay from the South of Vietnam to the North, my boyfriend and I were looking forward to finishing our holdiay with a few days in Hanoi. Some tips for other travellers:Only use Mai Linh or Hanoi taxi operators. We were warned of this, but became impatient and went with another operator. Although we used the meter and monitored it for the first few minutes, all of a sudden, the price began doubling, and a 5 minute taxi ride which had previously only cost us around 45 thousand dong cost 171! Beware of street vendors who entice you with barbecued meats that you cook yourself. We were persuaded to sit down and immediately brought two overpriced bottles of Tiger beer (no bia hoi here) a burner, a small plate of meat, and two plates of rice and when asked for the price, the guy demanded 320 thousand When we objected and offered what we felt was a generous amount for that amount of food (200 thousand-very generous from our experience), the guy (the stall was on a corner on Ma May st) became aggressive, and threatened to stab my boyfriend with a pen Unfortunately this was not a very happy ending to an otherwise enjoyable holdiay in Vietnam. The thing we realised is that anyone who approaches you and tries to obtain your business is likely to try to take advantage of you! Just go to places with menus, or negotiate the price in advance and stick to it.

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