Vietnam: Nha Trang + 26


I celebrated my 26th birthday at Nha Trang! We woke up bright and early to take some photos and to go paragliding. We strapped up and did a quick lap around the bay – it was fun and a nice way to start the day. Swimming at the beach and then going to the Vin Pearl resort – an older run down amusement park but it had a pretty nice aquarium.

Here I am at the infamous entrance of the aquarium with the shark teeth mouth. The aquarium had those water tunnels where you stepped on a flat moving walkway that slowly took you throughout this entire pathway while you looked up and around you and saw sharks, octopus, amazing coral, and different kinds of fish. We even saw an eel whirling about. Very interesting and I must admit that I haven’t been to anything similar in America but I’m sure there are other places like this.



The resort was almost like a mini adventure park or very tiny (& old) disneyland. It has a shopping area, amusement park area (more carnival rides that was outdated and looked like they might send you crashing to your death), and the surprisingly very nice aquarium I wrote about above. Here we are paragliding for $30 per person.


Afterwards, we had to head back up for dinner! A group of us went to eat at a place very known for nem nuong! Nem Nuong is a Vietnamese meat ball or skewer usually eaten in a form of a roll – similar to summer rolls (the soft rolls wrapped in vermicelli paper). It’s a delicious dish that you eat with an orange savory not too sweet sauce but coupled with a fried egg roll stick to give it crunchiness! I can’t describe but here is a picture. In America, I’ve had it pre-rolled. This is the first and only place (of course it’s Vietnam) where you roll it yourself. 🙂


My first birthday cake with some fellow tourists that I met along the way!


My second birthday cake given to me by the Vin Pearl resort!!

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