Vietnam: Mekong Delta


While in Saigon, I scheduled a tour to visit the Mekong Delta for a day. I wish I had the time to trek up to Sapa but alas, just this day trip will suffice. I booked it on for a very reasonable price. They picked me up early with a loud-mouthed sarcastic Vietnamese local as our guide. He was nicer after learning that I was Vietnamese American and that yes in fact, I did understand Vietnamese.

We were driven to the river dock and got on a water taxi which then drove us to the other side of the river. We did a quick rice coconut paddy tour and had a fresh lunch. 075_411588_10100511753558717_1901048625_o



This is me on the river delta. 133_410935_10100511772979797_1788728978_o

Enjoying fresh fish which we wrapped into rice rolls. Soooo yummy.




Goodbye Ho Chi Minh City and specifically….Vietnam. Love you.