Vietnam: Hoi An


Hoi An is a quaint charming town filled with small streets perfect to stroll or enjoy a tuk-tuk ride around to see the sights. Don’t hestitate to get a tuk-tuk ride but wear your bag around your shoulders! Do not just let is sit on your side or it will get yanked by thieves in cars. Also, these people are poor as hell. Give a few extra dong – it won’t hurt your wallet. Buy some handmade wooden lanterns and you can take a tour of a sweatshop where girls are making silk items (or pretending t0).


There’s also a ton of custom tailors – be sure to negotiate and pick a good fabric (it will cost more to use better quality fabric but still cheaper than stateside). I ended up getting two pairs of work pants (linen & an expensive Italian silk), a work skirt also from Italian silk, and a light cotton summer dress – all for under $90 USD. Fitted perfectly. I still wear every piece frequently actually.


Here is a loom machine that we saw at work. Very interesting to watch. I ended up purchasing a few ties and scarves as gifts. The temple at Hoi An was also nice but I was getting to a point on the trip where when you’ve seen a temple or a church, you’ve seen it all. Check for the whole gallery after the jump!