Vienna: Visiting the Schönbrunn Palace

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I’m outside of the Schönbrunn Palace – the summer residence of the Hapsburg monarchs when they ruled.

It’s got 1,441 rooms and is done in the Rococo style. The palace itself is HUGE but it also has ginormous meticulously cared for gardens, a maze/labyrinth and a zoo now. I chose to purchase the Winter Pass which includes the Grand Tour (40 rooms), zoo and gardens. I suggest looking at all the options on the website ( and seeing what works for you. Get the audio tour (extra 4 euros) – it’s really needed and interesting if you don’t know the detailed history of Austria and the Hapsburgs. It’s worth the extra bucks.


I’m a total ninja. I had to put my mug of hot mulled wine down to climb up. See it?!?

I loved visiting during Christmas because they had a Christmas market with all sorts of stalls set up! Mostly food, wine, and handmade crafts. It was not crowded at all which was surprising to me because all the guidebooks stated the holidays were Vienna’s biggest tourist season. Everything seemed on the pricy side and with being a “traveler” I choose to pack light and opt for a few small souvenirs + gifts for friends and pictures as the biggest reminder of my travels.

If you get the hot mulled wine, be sure to return the mug for that extra 2 euro back! Or keep it as a souvenir. I ended up keeping it because I was too lazy to walk back and return it.


There are no photos allowed inside the palace but there are photos, cds and books available for purchase if anybody feels so compelled to revisit the palace.


Of course when asking strangers to take your photo, they don’t take the photo of the stuff behind you properly….womp womp.




It always amazes me to realize how BIG this palace is. This was a RESIDENCE for a family – a home. It is so easy to think of it as a museum or even a hotel. The palace grounds and gardens illustrates the tastes, styles, and aspirations of the Hapsburg Monarchs over the years.


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