Vienna: Christmas Markets


The Christmas markets around Vienna are worth a visit. This is the one in the middle of city hall but some were also at the Schonbrunn Palace & Belvedere Palace – basically anywhere with extra land and tourist visitors is enough to pop up these market stalls. It’s soo cute, cheerful, and romantic. Lights are everywhere but it’s not cheesy or gaudy. You can smell chestnuts roasting and it’s all about the food! There were crepes, cookies, and hot chocolate and all sorts of “hot punch.”


One of the first things I did was walk to the nearest drinks stall and ordered myself a mug of hot mulled wine for 6 euros (2 euros being a deposit for the mug which you can keep if you do not want your deposit back). After sipping a couple mouthfuls, I started to actually wander around the market stalls. They had a lot of cool stuff to buy!! I assume it was overpriced especially for the tourists but eh – what can you do? I saw people selling  paper goods/stationary, candles, homemade toys, soaps, ornaments for your home, etc.


I ended up getting a flat bread pancake thing that was hot and crisp with tons of garlic – soo tasty and since I was alone, no need to worry about garlic breath! Hot chocolate with whipped cream. Cotton candy. Cookies that teenagers wore around their necks? Even if you do not plan to purchase anything, it is still worth the visit to enjoy the atmosphere and see people enjoying the festivities.






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