Vienna: Belvedere Palace


The Belveder Palace….now where they make the vodka. šŸ™‚ It’s actually two buildings/palaces created in the Boroque style. They call it the lower and upper palace with a kick ass garden inbetween.Ā Ā The Baroque palace complex was built as a summer residence for PrinceĀ Eugene of Savoy.

It’s basically a museum. If you’re not interested in looking at art exhibitions, I suggest just taking photos in the garden and outside of the palace. The lower building is where you can buy your tickets and then make your way to the upper building by strolling. Afterwards, there’s a small cafe back in the lower building to enjoy some lunch, sweets, or a glass of wine.

Obligatory jump pose

Being goofy!! The Viennese people are kind of stuffy…and little boring. They party but not THAT much. Maybe it was just because it was Christmas and Europeans are all about the family with the holidays.


BOOBS. Nipples. I have a picture of me grabbing a boob. Just one. boob. nipples. Ok I’m done being immature. Sorry.


It was so cold. Not even hand and foot warmers helped. You need layers. Here I am taking a picture of a sculpture…uh hm.

A really small tree

A really small tree. Made for me.

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