Ultimate Whale Watch: Chasing whales in Maui

Ultimate Whale Watching in Maui

ultimate whale watch maui

Chase whales with Ultimate Whale Watch Tours while you’re in Maui.

My friend and colleague, Amy Tan from Planet Hoppers and I flew to Maui for a few days and had a hell of a time. Besides, it being a “work retreat” (lots of both work & play!), Amy scored us comped tickets with Ultimate Whale Watch Maui in Lahiana for a 1.5 hour boat ride.

I’ve previously whale watched once and while it was fun, I have no idea how AWESOME it could ACTUALLY get. Both of us saw their flippers, tails slapping the water before, but we’ve never seen whales breach the surface.

ultimate whale watch maui

After arriving at the Pier in Lahiana, Ultimate Whale Watch is located at Slip 17 where you’ll see signs for “Ultimate Whale Watch Maui,”  you’ll meet your Captain and get introduced. Ours was named Ryan. We also met his first mate, who had the cutest rain jacket.

Then, we took off our shoes, received instructions for our extra bags, and heard rules regarding safety and of course, whale watching etiquette.

ultimate whale watch maui

In boat ride previous experiences, people accidentally blocked each other’s shots or stand in each other’s way. There’s rules on when to sit and when to stand during the ride because previously, everybody got pretty upset.

If you can handle the boat ride getting out to sea, I recommend sitting in the front. Otherwise, the boat ride gets bumpy and can get wet. Sit in the back f you’re old, injured, or just can’t stand being a little uncomfortable. I felt we had the best seats for photo taking and just seeing the whales when we were out there.

ultimate whale watch maui

The crew does their best to find and chase whales. You also actually get pretty good at spotting them yourself. If we saw any whales, we raced over to the spot all while learning about hump back whales, why they are here (mating season or birthing season), and how long they stay in the warm oceans of Hawaii. It was a great wild life lesson and we were incredibly lucky to see as many whales as we did.

The whales danced, splashed, and breached the water like no other. If you haven’t actually seen this in real life, it’s an odd adrenaline rush. It’s truly exhilarating to scream, “OVER THERE” and you see this giant majestic creature just break the surface of the water and disappear just as quickly. People screamed, yelped, and giggled in excitement.

ultimate whale watch maui

It was a great way to start our first full day on Maui. However, no whale watching company (including Ultimate Whale Watch Maui) makes guarantees that you’ll see whales. Who can control nature?! During high season, you have a high chance of seeing them and seeing them the way we did, is incredibly lucky.

Hint: If you want pictures or video, just have your phone out & constantly ready. Don’t bother to look at your camera afterwards to check the photos. It’s VERY possible, you’ll miss another spectacular showing. Also, have your cell phone fully charged and on airplane mode to conserve even more battery.

Also, hang on to your phone for the bumpy ride back so it doesn’t go flying over boat railing.

Sorry for the bad quality! YouTube and my e-mail totally compressed the heck out of it! Grr.

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+ Many thanks to Ultimate Whale Watch Tours for hosting on this awesome tour in Maui. As always, no fakin’ in the makin’ – all thoughts and opinions are mine.