The Ultimate Guide to a Weekend in Sedona

A weekend exploring Sedona

I was able to find time to spend a short weekend in Sedona – one of the magical and beautiful places in the world with my boyfriend.  We loved the place and cannot wait to go back again. Arizona is awesome!

Here is my guide to spending a weekend in Sedona:

How to get to Sedona

Most people fly into Phoenix, get a rental car, and make the two-hour drive to Sedona. It’s a scenic drive with possible stops along the way and when you get into Sedona, you will know it. The scenery changes dramatically and there will be lots of oohs and ahhs. Get your camera ready!

Where to stay in Sedona

There’s plenty of hotels and lodging in and around Sedona. Of course, I opted for Airbnb given the prices of the mediocre hotels around. We found a cute little quaint Airbnb right in the heart of town and it ended up being easy to find.

If you don’t have Verizon or AT&T, I suggest downloading Google Maps offline, writing down or printing out the directions beforehand since you may not have cell phone reception.

What to eat in Sedona

A weekend in Sedona

There was no shortage of good food in Sedona. We hit up the following restaurants during our weekend in Sedona:

Both Mariposa and The Hudson have epic views and are great to eat during sunset. At the Hudson, I ordered butternut squash ravioli and at Mariposa, we went with a big juicy steak and all the fixings. There is great local beer and of course, a variety of wine bars around.

Wild Flower Bread Company is a local cafe with indoor/outdoor seating and an array of salads, soups, sandwiches, and pastries.

What to do on a weekend in Sedona

Pink Jeep Tours

A weekend in Sedona

If you’re short on time and can only do a few hikes, another alternative is Pink Jeep Tours. We chose the Scenic Rim & Broken Arrow tour. The three-hour tour is bumpy and full of great scenery to take photos. I really caution against their tours if you have any back or neck injuries or elderly. There are a few notable areas like submarine landing and chicken point as well as the Mongolian rim that are great for photographs.

Wear your seat belts, bring water, and sunglasses because the jeeps kick up dust from the rocks. Hang on to your phone as well!

 A vortex tour and a healing

A weekend in Sedona

Being a mystics buff, I needed to find a vortex tour and healing session. After a thorough search, I landed upon Sedona Mystical Tours owned by Mark Griffon. You can read more about the experience in a separate article soon.

The tour was a 3.5-hour experience and we’re taken to three different areas of Sedona where vortexes are located. There was some easy walking and we were introduced to attempt and find our spirit animals. There was smudging with sage and of course, some sound healing with singing bowls and meditation.

Did I find my animal totem? Safe to say, I think it’s a fox and an owl.


A weekend in Sedona

You can’t come to Sedona and not do any hiking. We didn’t have time to do too many hikes but we managed an easy one called Devil’s Bridge. The hike TO the parking lot of the trail is actually the most difficult and annoying because it’s not easy terrain to walk on.

You feel like the hike is a lot longer than it is. Bring water, sunglasses, and wear sunscreen. Also, be sure to go in the morning if you don’t want to deal with the sun and heat. If you go later, make sure you allow yourself plenty of time before sunset hits.


I generally dislike shopping being a minimalist but if you’re in Sedona and you’re into the mystics and metaphysical, you must purchase some healing crystals.

I stopped by Mystical Bazaar and found a ton of stones in all shapes and sizes with great prices. The sales people are sweet and are not overbearing.

They also offer vortex tours, psychic readings, aura photos, and energy healings.

Drink wine and see the sunset

This is an absolute must on my end. I’m a huge wine lover and everybody loves sunsets. One good vantage point for a sunset is Airport Mesa. If you go hiking, remember to give yourself time to get down because hiking in darkness is never fun and can be dangerous.

Arizona and the southwest has a place in my heart. I really want to return and do a road trip through Arizona and Utah in the future. A weekend in Sedona is just not enough.

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