Top 5 destination list – What’s yours?!

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Everybody has a “Top 5 destination list” they would like to go to — someday. One day!

I don’t have a particular order in which I visit countries. Many people ask how I choose my next place to explore and usually, it’s without must thought or planning. I leave it to the weather/time of year + travel deals and sales. Given that, there are some destinations which you can’t skimp on or it’s just a more expensive destination in general.

That is the case with my list of top 5 destinations. Without further ado, here they are!

top 5 destinations

1. Kenya/Tanzania safari: Many people think South Africa is the way to go for a safari. I disagree. If I want to go to wine country, I’ll go to S. Africa. If I want to do safari, I’m doing both Kenya & Tanzania.

Kenya has many national parks with Masai Mara National Park having the big cats. Serengeti National Park is in Tanzania as well as Mount Kilimanjaro of course.

top 5 destinations

2. Antarctica: Everybody has Antarctica on their bucket list. It’s a traveler’s goal to set foot on all seven continents. Colder, drier, + windier than everywhere else on the planet. The white & blue icy barren landscape is completely different from everywhere else around the world.

It makes sense the the adventurous soul has this on their must-do list. Come here for the forbidden landscape and see the penguins, whales, and birds that make this place home.

top 5 destinations

3.Mongolia: Who hasn’t seen this picture of the happiest + cutest Mongolian girl and her camel? I swear, a Pixar movie is going to come from this picture. Mongolia is on my hit list because of the vast cultural landscape differences and the Nomadic way of living.

Mongolians are also BAD ASSES (Genghis Khan anyone?) but they also hunt using trained GOLDEN EAGLES and gallop around the country on some kick ass horses. Bad assery to the max. Living in a gert too. Got damn.

top 5 destinations

4.Galapagos Islands: Who doesn’t know about the Galapagos Island? Originally on the very first World Heritage site list, this group of islands is a must-do for animal & nature lovers. This place is highly endangered so do NOT leave a carbon footprint and leave it better than when you found it.

Don’t forget your cameras and be sure to take some lessons to sharpen up those skills.

top 5 destinations

5.Romania: Romania? Why Romania? Because I’m in love with vampires and that’s where Transylvania is located! Just half kidding. I do love vampires (twilight sucks) but visiting Romania for it’s awesome landscapes + medieval castles, fortresses, and churches is a grand idea. Bucharest does get it’s fair share of tourism but not nearly as much as the rest of (western) Europe.

Just recently admitted into the European Union, I bet tourism is going to rise within the next few years. Let’s visit before it gets too touristy. I like adventure and going to lesser-known destinations ends up being more fun anyway!

What is your top 5 destination wishlist? Comment below and let me know!


  • Romania? Me too! Not for vampires, though. My great-grandparents were form there. Well, actually, then, it was Hungary (then Austria-Hungary, then Romania).

    Actually, your 5 works for me!

    I did think about my 5 before reading your article so here goes:

    – Patagonia
    – South Africa
    – New Zealand
    – Romania
    – Scandanavia

  • My top 5 list for this year:

    1) Mexico
    2) Belize
    3) Nicaragua
    4) Costa Rica
    5) Panama

    Can’t wait to see the best that the mid-Americas has to offer!

    • I have been to Belize and LOVED it! I’m very interested in seeing the other countries you are planning to see, especially Panama!

  • Some good choices. I definitely want to do a safari in Africa, mainly cause I have an obsession with giraffes! Japan is very high on my list too. I don’t know what the other three would be though, couldn’t narrow it down that far!

    • Giraffes are pretty awesome! Yea, I was thinking of putting Japan on the list as well. That would definitely be on my top 10 list!

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