Top 5 cool & quirky things to do in Brooklyn

Top 5 cool & quirky things to do in Brooklyn

What are the top 5 cool & quirky things to do in Brooklyn?

(Besides wandering around looking at all the kick ass street art?)

Brooklyn is vast and while I stayed in the middle of downtown at the Nu Hotel, it was Williamsburg and Bushwick that was fun + funky. Without further ado, here are some cool things to see, visit and do!

1. Visit the Brooklyn Brewery

If you’re a fan of beer, you really need to at least walk by the brewery if not get a tour. They offer daily tours unless the place has a private event booked. Come and get your drink on!

Top 5 cool & quirky things to do in Brooklyn - Brooklyn Brewery

“Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer.” – Henry Lawson

As I walked around the streets, I spotted cool vintage cars and stickers on meters that made me camera click happy. I am seriously starting to like New York more and more. Or maybe it’s just Brooklyn that’s got me this time.

Top 5 cool & quirky things to do in Brooklyn

2. Visit Ibiza Love Child

When I saw signs for something called Ibiza Love Child. I wasn’t sure if it was a shop, a place, or an event. With a name like that, I had to follow the hints + crumbs to the entrance. Upon crossing the threshold, I discovered it was the pre-grand opening of a new shop complete with refreshments, snacks, and a live DJ. The shop was basically offering everything funky, glittery, neon-blinding colors geared towards music festival attire. Think Tomorrowland vibe clothing and costumes.

Top 5 cool & quirky things to do in Brooklyn. Ibiza Love Child

I saw flower crowns and psychedelic maxi dresses. Even came across a shirt that said “Sorry, not a drug dealer” and other bright neon accessories – rings, bracelets, necklaces, and leggings. You can’t go wrong with wearing a peace & love My Little Pony headband! Note to self: When I get tickets to Tomorrowland, I am placing an order from here.

Top 5 cool & quirky things to do in Brooklyn - Shag Brooklyn

3. Visit Shag Brooklyn

Shag Brooklyn is a sensual, quirky + creative sex shop. There’s an array of sex books, erotica, lotions, oils toys, and soaps. There was also erotic fine art  for sale along the walls and exquisite jewelry that artisans hand crafted. A cool example are these Magic Opalite Eggs and handmade cute condom cases.

Top 5 cool & quirky things to do in Brooklyn - Shag Brooklyn

Besides the usual + typical sexual gear you see in any regular sex shop like lotions, gels, lubes, scented candles, they also had a set of HILARIOUS sexual achievement plaques. Even the sales girl had to look at me and grin when she caught me giggling to myself.

The Plaques of (sexual) Achievement – by Jenna Choat

Top 5 cool & quirky things to do in Brooklyn - Shag Brooklyn

I can imagine someone going in to just grab a sexy strawberry-scented candle, some lube, AND a sexual plaque to hang on the wall. hahahah. Let’s not even talk about the dominatrix stuff I browsed!

Top 5 cool & quirky things to do in Brooklyn - Shag Brooklyn

4. Brooklyn Flea

Then we have the Brooklyn Flea – open on the weekends. Besides browsing for goods, we  snacked (a lot) since there were 30+ food vendors there. Yummy not-too-sugary doughnuts from the infamous place called Dough, a cool mint + cucumber drink, and of course – Red Hook Lobster where we gorged on a fresh lobster sandwiched between a luscious buttery piece of Texas toast. Good vibes and you’re able to rummage for some good finds.

Top 5 cool & quirky things to do in Brooklyn - Brooklyn Flea

5. Brooklyn Night Bazaar

If you’ve never been here, this should be your first night time excursion. It’s a warehouse that opens on Friday & Saturday night. It’s huge, spacious, and filled with pop up shops (more shopping!) along with live music, food, drinks – alcoholic beverages aplenty. There’s pool tables, mini golf, and arcade games for extra lively entertainment. After browsing all the hip & crafty pop up shops (mini potted plant necklaces for example), it’s a good time to sit down at one of the picnic table benches and socialize or people watch.

Adding sparkle to your night, the bazaar is located off Banker St which is where a small part of the graffiti and street art is located.

Top 5 cool & quirky things to do in Brooklyn - Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Other things to do in Brooklyn:

+ Explore the vintage clothing shops:
+ Buffalo Exchange, 504 Driggs Avenue
+Crossroads Trading Co, 135 N 7th Street  
+ Monk Vintage Thrift Shop, 496 Driggs Avenue and N 9th
+ Antoinette Brooklyn,  119 Grand Street 
+ Narnia,  672 Driggs Avenue 
+ Lavai Maria,  109 N 5th  
+ Courtshop, 218 Bedford Avenue 
+ Beacon’s Closet,  74 Guernsey St  (It’s near the G train station in Greenpoint)

+ Food & Drink
+ Spirited (a dessert speakeasy!)
+ Roberta’s pizza
Barboncino Pizza
+Brooklyn Winery
+ Featherweight (a speakeasy)
+ Pok Pok NY (Thai)
+ Maison Premier (Great oysters)
+ Salt + Charcoal (new Japanese joint in Williamsburg)