Top three must eats in Brooklyn – don’t miss these

Three must eats in brooklyn

top three must eats in brooklyn

After seeing your share of fabulous + kick ass street art and exploring the top 5 cool + quirky things to do, you must satiate your hunger cravings. There’s oodles of good eats in New York but I’m going to focus on the top three must eats in Brooklyn that I personally enjoyed and can vouch for.

top three must eats in brooklyn

1. Roberta’s Pizza 

So first and foremost, the pizza here is made from a traditional wood oven! Owned by two hip musicians – Chris Parachini (on bass) and Brandon Hoy (on keyboards), the pizzeria is hidden away in Bushwick and surrounded by rough walls of factories and gritty warehouses. The restaurant is a former garage with dark wood paneling, wooden walls and benches with mason jars of flowers and candles.

I ordered the Neapolitan pizza + a glass of their house white wine and wasn’t disappointed. The dough was light and chewy with the crust airy + crispy. The mozzarella was on point with plenty of tomato and sprig of fresh green basil. Get there early since there seems to be a wait at dinner hour. The atmosphere was fun, boisterous and relaxed. It’s a great place for a casual date or gathering with some buddies so don’t miss this must eat.
261 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206
(718) 417-1118

top three must eats in brooklyn

“The body becomes what the foods are, as the spirit becomes what the thoughts are.”

2. Pok Pok NY

Pok Pok….was a culinary adventure to say the least. The chef is Andy Ricker and is pretty famous and all that jazz in the food world. I’m a fan of him also because he travels and his main specialty of cuisine is Northern Thailand. I’m guessing he’s been to Vietnam or at least an admirer since some of his dishes were northern Thailand with a dash of Vietnamese.

Everything had a touch of Thailand to it – including the water which was fresh coconut water. We didn’t even realize it until after we took a sip and the coconut made an appearance on our tastebuds. Now onto the tasty dishes:

top three must eats in brooklyn
+ Cha Ca ‘La Vong‘: is Vietnamese catfish marinated in turmeric and sour sticky rice, fried in turmeric oil with scallions + dill, served on rice vermicelli with peanuts, mint and cilantro. How do I describe a party in my mouth? Light + tangy with crunch from the peanuts. I loved how the noodles were rolled into separate small balls for ease of serving. This dish was gone in minutes.

+ Muu Paa Kham Waan: pork meat rubbed with garlic, coriander root and black pepper, glazed with soy and sugar. It was served with green leaf stuff over ice  and a spicy chili/lime/garlic sauce. It was pretty spicy so we got some sticky rice to ease the pain.

+Neua Naam Tok: is a steak ‘salad’ with fish sauce, lime, chili powder dressing, and other greenery goods. It sounds simple but was divine. Super spicy so it was nicely accompanied with more sticky rice + a cold Thai beer.

+ Dessert was mini scoops of coconut ice cream topped with a light drizzle of chocolate, dallops of whipped cream, and chopped peanuts all in a moist soft bun. A different take on the “ice cream sandwich.” No sweeter way to end the meal.

They don’t take reservations but you can check their website to see a webcam that’s mounted outside. Service was great – our servers knew the menu well, even offering suggestions and ideas on pairing the dishes. We suggest you order and eat family-style so you can dig into every dish. It’s a must eat if you love spicy food (although there’s plenty of non-spicy dishes).
117 Columbia St, Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 923-9322

top three must eats in brooklyn

3. Masion Premiere

Maison Premiere is an oyster bar, cocktail den, + garden with the longest absinthe list in NYC. The vibe is reminiscent of the 1920s during Prohibition and reflects the good ole’ days in Paris, New York and New Orleans. All the employees from hostess, to server, and bartenders are dressed impeccably in stylish formal attire.

#1 thing to point out: The service was ON POINT. Originally, we were awkwardly seated at a low table next to the crowded & loud bar which wasn’t the greatest location and after a quick mention and 10 minute wait (while being served drinks), we were whisked away and seated at the quaint back garden. On top of that, the sommelier knew my wine selection when he wasn’t present at the beginning.

Speaking of drinks, I ordered the Cour-Cheverny and quite frankly, French wine is fresh and just so easy to imbibe. Pictured above is the Casablanca — Duplais Verte, 7-Spice Chai, Lime, Ronnybrook Yogurt, Pistachio. I even loved the presentation with the chilled brass single handle cup & the cocktail was creative + complex. Nothing like a jack & coke type drink. Neat use of yogurt and fresh shavings of pistachio.

top three must eats in brooklyn

As far as food….just order everything we got. The seafood was as fresh as the day is long.

+ Shrimp cocktail – it’s like $3 a piece so we got 4. These things were NOT baby shrimp though.
+ A dozen oysters: we picked from 6 different locations. If you have a particular favorite or curious to check different kinds out, go for it.
+ Lobster tail…can’t go wrong with that
+ Uni Pasta (uh divine since everybody who knows me needs to know I love uni)
The place is a must eat in Brooklyn if you want to have one “nice” dinner or if it’s a special occasion like an anniversary. Try to come with reservations but if not, enjoy drinks at the bar OR they can take your phone number and you get a text while enjoying drinks at a bar nearby.

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw