The Ultimate Packing List for Norway in Winter

packing list for norway in winter

After chasing the Northern Lights, I have compiled the ultimate packing list for Norway in winter. This ultimate winter packing list for Norway in winter was created to keep you warm, dry, and prepare you for the arctic temperatures up north. Winter nights can get down to 9 degrees Fahrenheit (-4 Celsius) so you want to stay warm when you’re standing outside for up to 6-8 (sometimes 10) hours.

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Gear for Norway in Winter

The Burton Women’s Jetset jacket:
I am a fan of Burton’s snowboarding jackets. This particular jacket has a hood and a longer waist. This is great for extra warmth when sitting on the cold wet snowy ground and waiting for the lights to display.

The Burton’s Women’s Society Pants: You definitely want to bring snowboarding pants in Norway. This is a must-do because, at night, it gets freezing and snow is…well everywhere, especially in Tromos.


Fleece Jacket: You must layer underneath your waterproof jacket. My second layer is always a warm fleece! I like black or white because it matches with everything.

Thermal Underwear: If you’re just chasing the northern lights on a tour, you will need to wear another layer since you won’t be running around or snowboarding and working up a sweat.

Winter Snowboots: You need a pair of warm snow boots if you’re going to tramp around in the Arctic. These are water-proof, light-weight, and still stylish and chic. If you’re wearing snowboarding pants, they can go over the boot. If you’re wearing jeans or leggings, you can tuck them inside.


Accessories for winter in Norway

Wool Socks: Wool socks are a must for your packing list in Norway for winter because they wick sweat away. I like the thick kind although some prefer a little thinner wool. I use thin wool when hiking in the summer.

Snow Hat: I love these kinds of snow hats because they’re cute and cover your ears. Definitely, go for a thick fabric like wool.

A warm scarf: I am a huge fan of scarves. If your neck and head are warm, you’re usually pretty warm. Baring your neck to the wind is not fun. Having a large scarf can also protect your face and ears if it gets windy.

Touchscreen-friendly gloves: If you’re fiddling with your camera, you need gloves. If you’re fiddling with your phone, you definitely need touchscreen-friendly gloves.

Waterproof mittens: I also pack a pair of waterproof mittens since you don’t want your gloves getting wet. If I’m not wearing the gloves, I am wearing the mittens because they are warmer (your fingers are all together!).

Handwarmers: These a plus to have in your pockets! I also stuck a few in my shoes when the temperatures dropped late in the night.

If there’s anything else missing in my ultimate packing list for Norway in winter, let me know!

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