Thailand: Playing with tigers at tiger kingdom

thailand playing with tigers

While in Thailand, we wanted to play with tigers (cubs though). They’re one of my favorite animals  (I’m a tiger in chinese astrology). I researched about the Tiger Kingdom before leaving and was thrilled to finally be there. Linda wanted to play with only the smallest new born tigers (not that small) and these cubs are the cutest things (while still wild and dangerous animals). I can vouch these baby cubs did not seem drugged up – they were lively and playing with each other as well as their toys.

thailand playing with tigers

We told the girl at the front counter what type of enclosure we wanted to participate in. Then, after handing over our newly exchanged Thailand Bhat, we were led to the enclosures. We disinfected our hands with hand sanitizer and took off our shoes. They provided plastic slippers for both of us to wear inside and given specific instructions to only touch their back or their underside – never the head or face. We were let inside the enclosure surrounded by about 5 guys that kept watch over both us and the cubs.

They were kept distracted by sticks tapping on the ground, throwing plastic chew balls, toys, and clapping.

Their fur is extremely coarse and clean! They are not exactly the softest cuddles you’d expect but still fun and SUPER cute. The workers around kept them amused by banging sticks and throwing rubber balls around.

It was soo cute watching them rough and tumble with each other too. Although these baby cubs were too active to seem drugged, I cannot say the same thing for the big full-grown adult tigers that were here. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were drugged to keep them calm and dazed – hence why Linda and I didn’t want to bother.

thailand playing with tigers

Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai

Prices are different for the time with the tigers depending on their age. You get about an average of 10-15 minutes in the enclosure with picture taking as an extra option. you do get to bring your own camera but it was nice to have some taken by them as well.

We did not play with any of the medium or adult tigers since it seemed that perhaps these tigers would have been drugged up and at the very least – just plain dangerous.

New Born (2-3 Months) -620 baht (~20$)/person
Smallest Tigers (4-8 Months) – 620 baht (~20$)/person
Medium (9-12 Months) -420 baht (~15$)/person
Big Cats (13-30 Months) 420 baht (~15$)/person

 thailand playing with tigers

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