Thailand: Bungee jumping in Chiang Mai…the thrills!

thailand bungee jumping in chiang mai

Bungee jumping in Chiang Mai, Thailand (or bungy jumping)…seems like really is a risky ill-will choice to make but we did it anyway. Cheap thrills….or so we say. Live for the moment kind of thing, ya know?


+ I had to jump first because Linda decided to take not one but two shots of grey goose while I ascended the lift. Then after my jump, she had to take two more to calm her nerves. She somehow managed to stay sober despite having four shots in 10 minutes.

+ I blabbered to the two Thai guys that accompanied me on the lift. I don’t even remember what the hell I rambled on about but I am willing to bet they didn’t understand a word I said.

+It took me a good 10 minutes to jump because when you are up that high, you wonder what in the world are you doing jumping off a metal platform to plunge 500 feet into a murky over-sized man-made pond to your death. I didn’t really jump but was more willingly shoved by the camera guy.

+ Linda took really long to jump as well and I totally understood her freaking out AFTER I had jumped. We’re such adrenaline junkies. Lived off that high for a few days afterwards.

thailand bungee jumping in chiang mai

After signing our life away on a sheet of paper, we were led to a scale to get our weight. Then, we carefully got wrapped up in our ankle gear and hoppity hop to the metal platform that took you up 500 feet. The ride up feels like an eternity when it was probably 30-60 seconds. My anticipation and excitement brewed more and more as we ascended. We finally stopped and the guide said, “You ready?”

I peered over the edge of the platform and gulped. “NO” I all but wailed. The two guides/workers with me were SO patient. They allowed me to freak out for a good while and said if it was busy tourist season, they would have put the pressure on because of the long lines of people waiting to go!

thailand bungee jumping in chiang mai

The roller coaster stomach drop feeling…all the way. The feeling of weightlessness is upon you. You are screaming. Suddenly, the cord snaps and you’re back up HIGH in the air again and this time, you’re out of breath and can’t really scream anymore. THRILLING!

+ Fuck fear! Try bungee jumping! 🙂

It was my first time bungee jumping ever and while I have yet to go to New Zealand and jump there – I really want to go. Bungee jumping here – the views aren’t spectacular and you’re not jumping into anything like a huge river in the middle of a green lush jungle – although I didn’t really care about the view up there since I was overcome with anxiety.

Practical Information:
Thailand Bungee Jumping in Chiang Mai (they also have one in Pattaya):
Package Price : 2000 baht (price goes down if you don’t do pictures and extra 500 baht for dvd – worth it for me)
– 40 Digital Photos on CD
– Jungle Bungy Jump T-Shirt
– Certificate of Courage
– Insurance (whatever that means)

Bungee Jumping in Thailand!! from Amy on Vimeo.

While in Thailand, would you bungee jump?

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