Night dining adventures with Seoul O’ngo Food Tours

My first trip to Korea could NOT be complete without a Seoul food tour.

Soul Ongo Food Tours (O'ngo food day tours in Korea)

I teamed up with local Seoul O’ngo Food Tours for a night dining adventure to experience four different restaurants and drink the night away.

Soul Ongo Food Tours (O'ngo food day tours in Korea)

The night of the tour, we made our way to the O’ngo’s Food Tours office location which wasn’t too far from where we were staying in Gangnam.

The walks to each stop were filled with little pit stops outside of places we did not go to but we learned a bit about each neighborhood we were in, the significance of it in Korean history, and were able to ask any questions.

Soul Ongo Food Tours (O'ngo food day tours in Korea)

Our first stop was, of course, a traditional Korean BBQ restaurant.

All the meat and sides (banchans) were quickly placed for each of us and everybody learned the rules of drinking somek (a mix of soju and Korean beer). Soju is Korean liquor made from potato – it tastes better cold and is similar to rubbing alcohol when not so don’t let it get too warm! Drinking (and eating) is a great way to connect and we were able to introduce ourselves to the other travelers in our group. This first stop was more than enough food and soon, we were off to the second.

Soul Ongo Food Tours (O'ngo food day tours in Korea)

The second stop was another traditional food stop where we sampled plum wine (delicious) and toppoki – typically a street food.

We tried seafood toppoki. Toppoki is made from hot & spicy rice cakes but you can also get it not spicy. Since ours was seafood, there was shrimp & mussels in the red spicy sauce. (If you come, you can try others as well). We were able to sample both and it was delicious. Toppoki is considered comfort food and I can see why – it’s chewy and filling with just the right amount of kick. The plum wine was sweet and refreshing – a nice drink to the toppoki.

Soul Ongo Food Tours (O'ngo food day tours in Korea)

We slowly made our way to our third stop – a Korean fried chicken & beer joint.

Now if you know me, I LOVE LOVE Korean food but I really have a thing for Korean fried chicken because there are so many different varieties of fried chicken. There are different flavors, different levels of spiciness, different levels of crispness of the skin, even so, I was super excited to have this on the list of food places to visit.

We sat down on long wooden tables and promptly served with pitchers of cold & frosty beer and soon baskets of generous helpings of fried chicken was piled on our plates. We were able to try three different flavors and imbibed more than enough beer.

Soul Ongo Food Tours (O'ngo food day tours in Korea)

Another pro-life tip: a lot of the people in our tour was stuffed at this point so pace yourself!

Fourth and last stop: Dessert!

Our last stop ended with a light & sweet dessert & tea shop. We had green tea shave ice similar to bing soo if you’ve had Korean desserts before. It was a nice relaxing stop before the night’s end. Our guide told us more about Korean culture, food, and again asked us about any questions we may have.


It was awesome that Janice – our tour manager was also on the tour just to make sure everything was as smooth as could be. Our tour guide (John) was very friendly and spoke great English. All the tour guides are happy to show you Seoul and tell you about their culture, food, nightlife, and traditions. I highly recommend making a reservation at O’ngo Food Tours in Seoul if you’re in the area. There are many other day/evening tour options besides that one we went on.

Soul O'ngo Food Tours (food day tours in Korea)

Practical Information:

O’ngo Food Communications (Seoul O’ngo Food Tours)
Jongno-gu, Nagwon-dong 55-1 3rd Floor, Seoul, Korea
Tel: 02-3446-1607
If you are coming by taxi, you can show your driver this:
종로에서 낙원상가를 통과 해서 첫째 신호등에서 우회전. 50미터 지점 낙원크라운호텔 대각선 맞은편 건물 3층 ‘온고’ 02-3446-1607 (주소서울시 종로구 낙원동 55-1, 3층)
Subway Directions:
From Anguk Station (Line 3, Orange) Go out Anguk Station Exit 4 and walk straight for 5 minutes. Right after you see a sign for Samil-daero 30-gil or Korea Cyber University make a left. O’ngo is in the building across from Crown Hotel on the 3rd Floor. It’s on the third floor of the pink building across from Crown Hotel.

+ Many thanks to O’ngo Food Tours for hosting this food lover experience in Seoul. As always, no fakin’ in the makin’ – all thoughts and opinions are my own.