What are you running away from?

What am I running away from?


I talk to people about travel sometimes a lot. My love for it. My sense of wanderlust. I’m curious about where people have been & eager to hear their travel experiences. I’m always planning my next destination and deciding where to go next.

When people hear the term “digital nomad” – they usually think of someone who is leveraging technology to work via the internet and also move from place to place at the same time. It sounds pretty neat so people are usually pretty excited & curious about my life and how I live. Lots of questions get asked and while some are fun to answer, some are not so fun.

I’ve gotten this question more than once:

 What are you running away from?

I answer with a question. Why does it have to be running away?

How about what I’m running to?

so begs the question.

+ Adventure. Some exploration and discovery – the new, the different. The weird & bizarre.

+ More freedom. Mobility.

+ See different things, eat different food, speak another language, and experience another culture.

+ The thrill of entering a city where I don’t know another soul.

+ A change of scenery. Change the pace a bit. Change.

It’s a lot of different things at play but I guess I’m running away to live the life that *I*, Amy want to live — purposefully and consciously.

I suppose you could say I’m running away from my old life. The life that society presents towards us from day 1, you know the American Dream: Go to college, get a secure paying job, get married, get a house with the white picket fence in (urban) suburbia, add 2.5 kids + maybe a dog or a cat.

I was on that path. I went to school and dutifully graduated after four years with a very sensible degree in business management.  Got an apartment with the matching fancy car. In between my cushy IT consulting job, my love life consisted of several (failed) relationships – all while outfitting myself with designer bags & shoes.It wasn’t long until the golden handcuffs were on.

Until I realized I didn’t want it.

Which was hard because at one point in my life, I did that want life!
So I wrestled them off. It wasn’t easy but I did it (which is a story for another day).

That life isn’t always a bad thing. It works. It’s conventional because it works — for SOME people. That life doesn’t work for me though, at least not right now. Maybe in a a year or two, maybe in 10 years. Maybe I will find that city where I want to stay & plant myself. Maybe not ever.

So instead, I’m going to sip beer and chase unicorns around the world…*Cheers*

+ Has anything similar happened to you? You thought you wanted one thing in life but it was really something else. Or did you ever face the proverbial fork in the road and veered a left when you intended to make a right?