Review Hike Maui Tours: A day chasing waterfalls

waterfalls with hike maui

If you’re into hiking like I am, you’re going to love going this post: Review Hike Maui Tours.

Review Hike Maui Tours

Hike Maui Tours offers a few different hikes & packages (some include zip lining for example).  I ended up choosing the East Waterfalls hike – their most popular one on the Hike Maui Tour website. Making reservations via phone or online is easy peasy. I had no issues booking over the phone and promptly received an e-mail confirmation with all the details I needed to bring ,wear, and how to get there.

Follow their directions to the meeting point. If you get lost, feel free to give them a call. Don’t bring any valuables that you aren’t carrying on your person because it can be iffy even leaving them in the trunk in the parking lot.

Review Hike Maui Tours

The Hike

After a quick introduction from our guide – a friendly red-headed guy named Brian, we were off. During the car ride, you’ll be handed some forms & waivers to sign.  You’ll also have the option to rent water shoes. I didn’t but feel free to rent and use them if needed. After a 15 minute drive on the road to Hana, we were a few steps away from the trail entrance.

waterfalls with hike maui tours

We loaded up with our towels (bring one or two!) and individual backpacks filled with water, bug spray, and lunch. Lunch consisted of a fresh sandwich, chips, and fruit. Brian also brought cookies for dessert.

Along the way, Brian spotted and educated us about the local fauna and flora. Most of the hike is easy but once we’re at the waterfalls, there is a bit of climbing. Some of the participants in our group were on the elderly side so we slowed down a bit and kept it easy-going (which was fine with me)! Use a walking stick if you have knee problems, I should have.Review Hike Maui Tours

We were able to see two waterfalls on private land. Twin Falls was also nearby (it was really busy at that one because it’s more known). The first waterfall was my favorite since you could swim and jump from the top.  There was also less people and places to sit and relax. Keep in mind, the water is cold.

The second waterfall was pretty busy and there were less places to sit out and relax, take photos, or eat lunch, but the fall was much bigger. We decided to skip the third since we were running out of time.

waterfalls with hike maui tours

Pro Life Tip: If you’re from the mainland, be sure to bring and USE that bug spray.

For the trail back, we took the “dry” path whereas there was also a path where we’d get more wet. Brian also stopped by the beach for us to get some photos of the killer waves and photo opportunities.

The 5 hour adventure with Brian and my group was really nice & enjoyable. If you want to access some more lesser-known waterfalls, go with Hike Maui Tours. If you want to chase even bigger waterfalls with Hike Maui Tours, they also offer that as well as zip-lining and volcano hikes. Everything’s organized for you and you don’t have to worry about getting lost on your own!

waterfalls with hike maui tours

+ Many thanks to everybody at Hike Maui  for hosting this epic adventure in Maui. As always, no fakin’ in the makin’ – all thoughts and opinions are mine.