Staying in the Latin Quarter in Paris

We rented a small apartment in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. It’s the Latin quarter – a lot of college students choose to live here and there’s no shortage of bars and clubs (for both straight and gay crowds). The price was extremely affordable and felt like locals. Ours was located on the fourth floor up a tiny spiraling staircase. Good thing we brought small suitcases because it was quite a feat struggling upstairs. There was a small living area with a flat screen tv and a small kitchen in the corner. The bathroom was tiny – just enough for one person and a small stand-up shower. Like most of Paris, hot water is limited so take showers quickly. My favorite was the small bedroom with a balcony. The view wasn’t spectacular but it made for some fun photos. *Note: Due to a disparity between the photographer and me, the only photos posted from this trip are with me in them. All photos of me belong to unless noted otherwise.