Photo Diary: Galapagos Islands with GAdventures

Galapagos Islands with GAdventures

A few of the things Linda and I did during our fabulous trip to the Galapagos Islands with GAdventures:

Traveled by speed boat around the islands of San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, and Isabela Island // Camped in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island with views towards the ocean // Visited the Charles Darwin Research Station and the Giant Tortoise Breeding Centre // Hiking around the Sierra Negra Volcano // Fun in the sand and sun // Making new friends & sisterly bonding // Adventure that is life

Galapagos Islands with GAdventures Galapagos Islands with GAdventures Galapagos Islands with GAdventures Galapagos Islands with GAdventures

The islands have baby tortoises again (after almost having been hunted and killed to extinction). Tortoises are quite tasty apparently.6

Beer – order the big one. Galapagos Islands with GAdventures Galapagos Islands with GAdventures 9

While hiking, don’t forget the beer. Especially if there’s fog.10 Galapagos Islands with GAdventures 12 13 14 Galapagos Islands with GAdventures 16 17

After hiking, what better way to relax than with some fresh cocktails in cozy hammocks?18

Hanging out, singing songs, and drinking with the fire by our tents

My selfie game is on point. Galapagos Islands with GAdventures

“And one time, I caught a fight THIS big.” said the pelican to the fishing guy
Galapagos Islands with GAdventures Galapagos Islands with GAdventures 24

I love you too!25

Who wants tuna sashimi tonight?26

Hiking and encountering giant tortoises in the wild. OooOooGalapagos Islands with GAdventures 28 29 Galapagos Islands with GAdventures

We couldn’t go to Israel so we planned on visiting Ecuador – specifically the Galapagos Islands with GAdventures (just to make life easier). I recommend traveling light due to all the walking and having to haul your luggage around – there’s no bell boys in developing Ecuador. Keep your wits about you in Quito and bring sunscreen, chapstick, water, and money for beer.

If you DO go with a tour, please please tip your guide & leave a positive review as most of these guides are actually paid sh*t, tips help so much & positive reviews let them keep their job. You’re visiting a developing country for goodness sake and if you can’t legitimately afford it, please explore on your own or don’t even go. It kills me when I meet people from outside the US and they “don’t believe in tipping” or say, “We don’t tip where I’m from.” WELL WE’RE NOT WHERE YOU’RE FROM! You’re not in your freakin’ country anymore and that’s the way life is when you travel sometimes. It’s not like at home.

If there is something wrong with your trip, pull your guide aside and explain whatever you are unhappy about. Most will understand and ask what they can do to ensure your trip is all smiles.

With all that said, Have fun watching the giant tortoises and leave no trace!

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