Partying at Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos

a week in Greece

What’s the number one thing to do in Greece? Partying at Cavo Paradisio in Mykonos!

The rest of the time at Mykonos was spent exploring and hitting up the day clubs all dotted along the edge of the island.  We were able to hit up one – Cavo Paradiso where we had a very crazy + drunk time and were pooped by 7 pm! The beach wasn’t party city because we went after Labor Day but it was still a fun time.

Cava Paradiso Day and Night club information:
+  Arrive early especially during peak season. You’ll want to get lounge chairs!
+ Check the line up before you go but we’re in Europe so expect a ton of EDM genres such as House,Deep House,Tech House,Progressive House,Techno,Minimal Techno,Trance,and Electro
+ Tables are expensive but this is party central in Mykonos so we were not surprised

The beaches in Mykonos get quite crowded and this was early September. I can only imagine the June-August months where every square inch of the beach is littered with bodies rather than sand.


Having breakfast with the gals while waiting for the ferry to take us to the other side of the island where there were many other beaches/day clubs.


At the beach – you can order food and drinks. However, the drinks are expensiveeeeeee and they typically only have bottle service. So just come prepared to buy a bottle like you’re getting table/bottle service at a regular nightclub with European prices (a tad higher than NYC prices).


partying at cavo paradiso in mykonos

partying at cavo paradiso in mykonos

There were a couple Italian boys that were just smitten with my gals and asked us to take a picture with them

partying at cavo paradiso in mykonos

The beaches in Mykonos are not heavenly – rather cold and quite rocky. It is great for a nice quick dip to cool down but we preferred to stay on the sand to party and hang out.


A random picture of a gyro – filling + yummy

partying at cavo paradiso in mykonos
A dancer at the dayclub

We were able to chit chat with the club go-go dancers who told us a little about their job.  They make money from tips by dancing on dance boxes and entertaining the crowd and parties with bottle service. It looked like an incredibly fun job that kept your body fit and fab but I can only imagine how tiring it would get over the hot summer months.

partying at cavo paradiso in mykonos
Gettin ready to hit the town!

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