Paris: Palace of Versailles

Taking over the world!
Taking over the world!

It was a chilly and cloudy day when we ventured out to the Palace of Versailles. The clouds did nothing to diminish the golden gates of the palace though. I was super excited since we were in FRANCE (our first full day).

+  The Palace of Versailles!  The entire grounds is ginormous and over the top and obviouslyyyy beautiful. These people indulged and were just high off of life. Gold. Expensive fabrics. Paintings. Stone. Marble. The whole + 9 + yards. It was pretty crowded but not so much where I get cranky after being pushed around by hordes of people.

Right outside the entrance

Best days to go: During all seasons, the afternoon (after 3 pm but you won’t have much time if you arrive then). November-March (minus Christmas) is easily the “off season” although when I went in early October, it was not too bad. If you’re going towards the high season, I recommend the middle of the week. Weekends from 10-3 pm are horrendous.

The ideal route on busy days:

  • Gardens and park: 9am to noon
  • Trianon palaces and Marie-Antoinette’s hamlet: noon to 3pm
  • The interior of the Palace: from 3:30pm until closing time.
    Be prepared to spend at least 4 hours there if not the whole day to see the grounds and all the extra special stuff they have. It really is worth it since the palace is outside of Paris anyway.


I wish we had gotten an audio tour but the information plaques in each room was also full of useful information and tid bits about the palace.

Jump picture! Looks empty eh?

It was nice to finally see this after learning about the significance in my world history classes back in middle school and high school.  Art History in college proved to be useful and it was nice to be able to relate and understand the context or history of some of the artwork.

I can totally imagine a bright summer day with women dressed in expensive ornate gowns and wigs, and their men all dressed up holding their canes and horse carriages parked around.  Definitely easy to see how the rich and powerful enjoyed this time period while the poor…did not.

Sipping out of baby bottle
Sipping out of baby bottle

A short walk from our place was a small town bar called  L’Urgence Bar on Rue Monsieur le Prince (in the 6th), an “emergency room”-themed bar that serves drinks and shots in baby bottles + test tubes. .  My friend Linda also did this in Paris so we were keen to give it a shot.

The cocktails were good but the ones I chose were a little sugary + too sweet so we only had two. The place seemed to have a lot of college-aged kids or early-mid 20s. We chatted up with a trio of European guys from southern France that were vacationing in Paris. They actually told us that they did not enjoy Paris as much because it was too city-like and not as idyllic and scenic (aka beaches!).

Palace of Versailles
Cost: €18 and €25 on the days of the Musical Fountains and Musical Gardens
The Passport ticket gives you admission to all of the Palace tours : grounds, Trianon palaces and Marie-Antoinette’s Estate. Musical Fountain Show, Musical Gardens (from April to October) and exhibitions are also included. Buy it online to avoid the terrible lines when you arrive.

*Note: Due to a disparity between the photographer and me, the only photos posted from this trip are with me in them. All photos of me belong to unless noted otherwise.