Getting lost in the Louvre in Paris


We started off the day by going to Angelina’s Chocolate! I was hoping there weren’t any of the long lines at the cafe since it is walking distance from the Louvre but it was about mid morning (& wet) so we were ushered right in! The chocolate was superb….very thick + creamy X rich so only one serving was enough. I generously put a huge dallop of whipped cream on top of course. The food was normal – sub-par simple sandwiches and french fries. Their dessert section was scrumptious looking and very elaborate though. Afterwards, we headed to the Louvre!!!

Hot chocolate + Sandwiches

If you only go to the Louvre, I recommend the Europe-Paris Museum Pass. It is the museum pass that you purchase early on (we got ours at the airport) and you are allowed admission by the “fast lane” and it is really the fast lane. We zoomed past the growing tourist line which was nice especially because it was a gloomy overcast wet day. SO SO worth it. I saw some of the glaring + questioning looks by other tourists in the long line. 🙂

Attempting to look chic

I will never be able to master the frazzled unkempt but somehow smokey sexy look the French women here have! It was a rainy + damp day but every time we stepped outside, the rain always seemed to pause. Thank the rain gods because I don’t think we remembered to bring an umbrella on the trip! Since it was raining + October, the crowds were not crazy and I pranced around for the photos with reckless abandon.

Of course we managed to only see a fraction of the Louvre but it was an amazing experience just to see the amount of beautiful artwork of all types in one place. After just a few hours, I was beaten by the crowds and headed out for some rest + refueling with food + wine. I saw SOOO many pieces that I learned from my art history classes – it was quite satisfying to see a piece and understand the history, meaning, and context. SEE DAD! These fine art classes weren’t totally useless.

Louvre in Paris


On the walk back, we stopped by a food car to get a fresh + hot cheese and ham (jambon!) crepe. It was a nice hearty warm snack to enjoy after a nice long hard walk around Paris. It was easy to hold + eat + walk at the same time.

warm fresh crepes in paris
A cheese + jambon crepe!

After walking around + a long time and wandering around…it was time for dinner. I wanted ASIAN food. After a whole week without rice, I had a hankering for some or rice noodles at the very lesat. We took the longg subway ride to the outskirts of Paris – the 13th district and were able to locate the French Vietnamese quarters!! We arrived a bit late so we could not enjoy PHO (got grilled chicken) like we wanted to but the French Viets loved us! They were very happy to find out we were Asian Americans coming from America and that I was able to speak/understand Vietnamese! I thought it was amazing to hear a Vietnamese person speak perfect French!

*Note: Due to a disparity between the photographer and me, the only photos posted from this trip are with me in them. All photos of me belong to unless noted otherwise.

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