Paris: Eiffel Tower + wandering around

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

On our last day of Paris, we woke up bright and early to enjoy a leisurely breakfast at one of the many cafes near our apartment. It was a bit chilly but they had the heat lamps going and we were able to snag a table tucked in the corner of the cafe patio.

Today’s plan was to hit up the Eiffel Tower but we made no attempt to go up. The line was snaking around and around and it just didn’t seem worth the time + money.

I’m not the biggest coffee drinker but with the amount of walking I knew we had ahead of us, I quickly obliged to a cup of coffee/espresso. Be sure to bring some bottled water in your day pack since Paris is a huge walking city.


Remember – it is nice to know a little bit of the language you are going to. I am not just saying that because it’s France but even when you attempt to speak and make a mockery of the language, they are appeased that you made a lame ass attempt.

We got to the Eiffel Tower and there it was…on display a few hundred feet away. We were able to goof off with the other tourists and take pictures! It was a slightly cooler cloudy day so the sitting area was not too crowded at all. We were able to stake out our own picture taking area without people running by to ruin any snapshots.


JUMP POSE!!!!!! Do you see the other tourists doing the same? There were so many tourists doing the funny stereotypical poses that we were able to do so as well without feeling like…well tourists! I suppose I have no shame anymore – fuq it. This is a definite tourist-y must-do!

Advice: Do not look or purposely glance at any locals especially the gypsy looking ones! On the road leaving the Eiffel Tower, keep a close eye or hand on your bag! The looks the locals were giving the visitors to pick pocket a wallet was astounding. I felt like my bag was going to somehow disappear in front of my eyes or my camera would be missing later.

Afterwards, we took a break walking around the streets and decided to get a few drinks! I had so much white wine that I never felt the typical buzz that I usually am able to get after 1-2 glasses…(bad).

Then we walked over to the Notre Dame Cathedral…we didn’t have time to take the tour so we were only able to see the outside architecture. The church closes at 6 pm so make this attraction an early stop in the daytime!


Enjoying exploring the night alleys and streets of Paris. It was great because anytime we needed a break, we just stopped at the nearest cafe to rest our feet and enjoy a nice glass of wine! I forgot about how we stopped at the Seine river but alas – we had no pictures because it was our first night and we explored and got lost without our cameras.


*Note: Due to a disparity between the photographer and me, the only photos posted from this trip are with me in them. All photos of me belong to unless noted otherwise.