Chill, we’re just showing you our highlight reel

our highlight reel - Amy in colorado

Why do people continuously forget that everything we put on the internet is…curated?

When people are sad, jealous, or envious because of what they see on social media these days, they’re forgetting we are ONLY showing the highlight reel of our life. The awesome, the amazing, the great part of our days. But you’re forgetting the rest of our stories that make us human and imperfect too.

We all have stories we prefer not to share with everybody & anybody through a public platform. Why would we? Some people will share the good, bad, ugly, the raw and the real (they’ve got major guts!) but for the rest of us, don’t forget – you don’t really know everything. The good in your life happens and it gets shared. The bad stuff happens behind closed doors and shoved in the back of the closet.

So, don’t be sad, stop the jealousy, stop the envy, stop being bitter about your own life because it doesn’t somehow resemble the lives you see of others on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Do not fall victim to believing that everybody else has a picture perfect life and yours pales in comparison. Don’t compare yourself to someone else, don’t wish you had a relationship like “that” couple. Just don’t. No one’s life is perfect (just look at celebrities if you already didn’t know).

Everyone has their struggles.

Behind the scenes, everybody is going through some type of challenge: career struggles, job problems, family issues, kids, a breakup, breakouts, divorce, anxiety, depression, insomnia, financial difficulties, illness, death, loneliness, and so many others, the list goes on.

One example is the digital nomad lifestyle. Like in the VICE article, many people assume my life is “like one super long vacation.” It isn’t. Trust me, I have my unique problems. Many digital nomads (myself included) post photos of ourselves with laptops on a beach or the gorgeous sunsets on some island. Why not? Those are the advantages. However, these people only get a snapshot into our lives and rarely know the downsides of the DN lifestyle. Youjin’s documentary, One Way Ticket – A Digital Nomad Documentary digs a little deeper into these challenges. Some issues include dating, loneliness, disconnection, and other problems like getting a reliable internet connection, culture shock, language barriers, etc.

a long weekend in kauai


Basically, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and instead of peering over the other side of the fence, use the time to water your own lawn. Enjoy your own life and share those highlight reels too.


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