Don’t miss Ramla Bay and Salt Pans of Gozo Island

ramla bay and salt pans of

Discovering Ramla Bay and Salt Pans of Gozo Island…also known as Calypso’s mythical island

Gozo Island is a sleepy little island but really holds a barrage of secret treasures waiting to be discovered.

+ Greek history lesson: Gozo Island is associated with Ogy the island home of the nymph Calypso in Homer’s Odysseus. She holds him captive for years on the mystical hidden island before voluntarily releasing him to continue his journey. Maybe she got bored of having the same guy around for so long?

ramla bay and salt pans of gozo

After a late morning arrival on the ferry from Valletta Malta, I teamed up with Matt Iam from Hush Photography.

Our Aim? To explore the island with a local + take some fun shots!

Gozo Island

The sun was shining, skies were clear, and the wind (thankfully) was calm. I hopped in the LEFT side of his dusty gold Mini Cooper and stared out the window for the majority of the ride. The Maltese drive on the left side of the road just like their counterpart Great Britain. This left me just slightly unnerved since I was NOT used to this + sitting on the left side and not driving felt pretty awkward.

Up and down the long roads were views of the deep rolling hills + manicured fields of farms. We pulled up to one of the highest cliffs in Gozo with stunning panoramic views, just in time to see a lone ferry heading back across the sea.

ramla bay and salt pans of gozo

+ I stood silently by the edge of the cliffs. My skin warmed by the rising sun, hair swept away with the breeze. I inhaled a deep breath of fresh + unpolluted air and felt incredibly blessed. Blessed that I was here — in Malta. Traveling. For my blog. Doing what I loved and enjoying the good, the bad, and the ugly. It was one of those moments where I was so damn happy I was speechless and trust me —  that rarely happens.

Afterwards, we made our way to a quiet local beach passing by a significant number of churches for such a small island.ramla bay and salt pans of gozo

This local beach or pier tends to have groups of families & friends gather to have barbecues. During the summer, it is easy to fish for octopus. Apparently, you just reach down in the water and one will attach itself to your arms with its tentacles. Grill it and presto! Fresh octopus for dinner.

ramla bay and salt pans of gozo

ramla bay and salt pans of gozo

ramla bay and salt pans of gozo

After a pause to take in the view, we made our way to:

+ Ramla Bay

Located on the northern side of Gozo, it’s real name is Ir-Ramla l-Ħamra which means Red Sandy Beach. The golden red colored sand makes it different from the other beaches in Gozo & Malta and where Calypso’s secret sex cave was (located on the western side of the beach but now closed due to the dangerous conditions inside).

Having a local by my side, we went to the other side of the beach and clambered up  to another cave overlooking the bay. One word: Spectacular.

ramla bay and salt pans of gozo

Walking deeper inside, I stepped in a pile of warm ashes left over from a mini bonfire the night before. Looks like a couple had quite the romantic date night here! I imagined they had sat on a blanket with the flames blazing, sound of waves lapping, + oodles of cuddling and snuggling. 🙂

ramla bay and salt pans of gozo

+ Who could not feel like they were on top of the world right now with this view?!

It was amusing to try different poses to get that perfect silhouette shot. I almost took a tumble a few times while scaring Matt. He kept reminding me to be careful and that he didn’t want me sent home in a body cast. Live fast, die young! All for a photo I say!

ramla bay and salt pans of gozo

After my fix of Ramla Bay, we headed to a lesser-known attraction of Gozo.

The Salt Pans

To the north side of Gozo, just past Qbajjar Bay  west of Marsalfor are the 350 year old salt pans or salt mines. More than just scenic, this sea-salt harvesting method is a tradition handed down in families for centuries. During the summer months, the locals gather and scrape up the salt crystals to sell and use for cooking.

ramla bay and salt pans of gozo

I have never seen anything like this before and was awestruck. I like LOVE seeing different things for the very first time. It’s like a baby seeing itself in the mirror for the first time or discovering its own toes. Enchanting + fascinating.

ramla bay and salt pans of gozo

ramla bay and salt pans of gozo

Tip toe carefully in between the pans of clear salt water.  The fresh air with a strong breeze is exhilarating + calming at the same time. I was surprised at the lack of other tourists around but apparently, tour groups do stop by but rarely walk down the entire coastline where the salt pans are lower and the view is WAY better.

ramla bay and salt pans of gozo

Of course, I had to get a photo of my typical jump pose! It wouldn’t be a trip without one of course. How to increase your jump verticals? Take a deep breath and lunge for the sun. Although at my age, I regret trying so hard the next day.

+ Feel free to take a journal and sit on the sandy cliff walls to write, ponder, think or daydream. Meditation would work wonders with just the sound of the ocean waves as your soundtrack.

ramla bay and salt pans of gozo

I was a little too ecstatic to be serene and tranquil but I tried. Next up? Visiting the freaking infamous Azure Window on Gozo! Hint? It was featured on HBO’s Game of Thrones written by George R.R. Martin

+ All pictures of me are by Matthew Iam from Hush Photography. It was a blast collaborating to capture Malta & Gozo at it’s finest!

+ I was in Malta for the Blog Island Malta campaign.  The campaign was created by the iambassador team with  Malta Tourism Authority and the support of Air Malta. As always, no fakin in the makin – all thoughts and opinions are mine. Many thanks  for the opportunity to discover + explore magical Malta!

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