Comino Island! – don’t miss it in Malta

Comino Island

Oo La La. Camino Island in Malta…where the Blue Lagoon is. This is most definitely NOT the Blue Lagoon in Iceland!

We had to take the bus from Valletta to the ferry station (a good 45 mins away) but once there, we took a short boat ride to the island and it cost only 10 euros. When we arrived, there was a small crowd planted around the small “beach” area.

The boat ride… loud with music, waves + had us feeling like we were on a bumpy but fun kiddy roller coaster ride. But on to Comino Island…


These pictures don’t even do the lagoon justice! The water is crystal mother freakin’ clear!

Comino Island

As you can see – there isn’t enough shore for a big crowd so I advise getting there early to shack up on a good spot. There’s a few flat areas up higher on the cliff – a little more privacy and romance for some couples but it does take more time to get down to the water.

Instead of going swimming, we had a mini hike of sorts to get higher views. Higher views = better pictures. It was dangerous terrain because I was in sandals. Thank god I had on straps around the ankle because if it was flip flops, I’d be a dead woman. I suggest you don’t do what I do and wear sneakers or hiking boots if you plan to do a little exploration.

Comino Island

Over here is a smaller inlet where sail boats, yachts, and rental boats came here to swim and relax. The water is definitely a little more blue!

For food + refreshments, there’s a few mobile trucks that sell a lot of fast food. Wraps, sandwiches, burgers, chips, fries, and ice cream. Beer + wine too! There’s no tables + very minimal seating so be prepared to eat at your towel or beach chair.

Comino Island

The island is TINY in terms of exploration. People were also seen taking their belongings and carrying it over their heads to get to the other side of the blue lagoon. It was more quiet and less crowded but you didn’t get the convenience of the food/drinks stands and the BATHROOMS.

+ There is absolutely NO possibility of you peeing in the clear blue ocean where it would be….grossly noticed. haha. Up a hill are the bathrooms. Bring your own tissues + hand sanitizer!! Toilet paper runs out quickly and I suggest the hand sanitizer…just because. You’ll see once you go.

+Bring sunscreen, hat, towels and cash. No ATMs and no credit cards readily accepted.


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+ I was in Malta for the Blog Island Malta campaign.  The campaign was created by the iambassador team with  Malta Tourism Authority and the support of flying Air Malta. As always, no fakin in the makin – all thoughts and opinions are mine. Many thanks  for the opportunity to discover + explore magical Malta!

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  • Wow, Amy It’s so beautiful! I definitely have to go there to visit the blue lagoon. Last time that I have been visiting Malta, I didn’t get change to go to Comino. Next time, It’s so beautiful (and you too Amy 😉

  • WOW !! I’m going to Malta soon and I wasn#t sure if I should go to the Blue Lagoon or The Azzure Window since I have one day in Malta but I mut confess that thanks to your post I’m totally decided to go the Blue Lagoon, is amazing!!

    • Hey Darlan! Thanks for stoppping by! The blue lagoon/camino island is really amazing! I hope you also have enough time to see the azure window too if you can! It’s a quick stop (worth it!) but if not be sure to check it out next time!

  • Such a paradise … Malta just keeps giving, despite its small size! The tip regarding the bathroom is key, thanks for the warning…

    • Malta is pretty awesome! haha yes, I always find it best in Europe + Asia to bring extra tissue & hand sani!

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