Malta: Azure Window…calling GoT fans!

Malta Azure WindowLadies & Gents, I present: the Azure Window…or how about the coolest window EVER?

Looks familiar? This scenic view was filmed in shows/movies like A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Titans, and Count of Monte Cristo, just to name a few. If you visit Malta, this is a MUST DO on your list. I don’t care how touristy it is.

+ GoT Fans: Remember season one with the Dothraki wedding between Daenerys Targaryen +  Khal Drogo? Yup!
That’s in magical Malta for you! Malta Azure Window Geography Lesson (or is it geology? or both?): The Azure Window is a limestone arch on Gozo (duh). It’s located at Dwejra Bay at the inland sea and created after two sea caves collapsed.

+ Get this: The arch is going to collapse — soon. Erosion is winning and it’s predicted the arch will disintegrate within a few years. You can bet I was darn skippy that I saw this before it’s renamed “random pillar next to a cliff” and definitely not as amaze-balls. Malta Azure Window When the four of us got to the arch, the wind was blowing and the sun was shining. A good crowd was scattered across the area taking photos. I quickly learned it takes some time to get that “right shot” because half the time, you’re waiting for people to move out of the way.

Does anybody else get frustrated or impatient too? You try to take a photo anyway and just end up with half a person’s head in the picture and you end up trashing it. While waiting for the crowd to disperse, we engaged in silly photos ourselves. Malta Azure Window

Malta Azure Window + A word to the wise: Don’t wear sandals since the ground is rocky and it’s a cliff so the terrain is not made for easy walking — at all. I wore sandals and nearly tripped or scraped my toes half a dozen times. Hiking down from higher ground was also hazardous to my health but slow or steady got me down alive. Trying to look cute on a press trip? Unforgivable! Malta Azure Window There are warning signs prohibiting people from climbing to the top  of the arch (being dangerous and all) but a large number of (young) people ignored the signs and climbed up anyway. Being a risk taker but not always a rule breaker, I climbed as far as I could without breaking…the rules. Maybe it’s because I’m older — as in hiking up that cliff looked way too tiring. Malta Azure Window Afterwards, we regrouped at the small outdoor cafe to wait for the next bus. What do you do when it’s an hour away? You order WINE of course. tee hee.

Heading back to Victoria to catch the ferry was fun since it was an open air double decker bus which meant passing by a lot of churches. A day at Gozo spent at Ramla Bay & the Salt Pans and ending with the Azure window = Perfect-o. Malta Azure Window

+ I was in Malta for the Blog Island Malta campaign.  The campaign was created by the iambassador team with  Malta Tourism Authority and the support of Air Malta. As always, no fakin in the makin – all thoughts and opinions are mine. Many thanks  for the opportunity to discover + explore magical Malta!

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