Love & Gratitude: 7/11

Love & Gratitude: Jumping with Gratitude
Jumping with Gratitude

I haven’t posted a Love & Gratitude post in awhile. Just because I didn’t think the column really resonated with travel or even my readers. But here it is. Back again because I need it to be – even if just once in awhile.

(New readers: Love & Gratitude: is one of my former weekly columns where I write about things I love, like or appreciate just to express my gratitude for people and the world. Doesn’t hurt to get a little more positive light out there).

Love & Gratitude: Jumping with Gratitude
Dad’s looking gangster at my cousin’s wedding in 2009.

+ My Dad: 

It’s both true and a stereotype that Asian people have a hard time expressing their emotions and affections towards one another. Even if it was to family. But not my dad!
+ I was always Daddy’s girl.

I remember being 8 or 9 years old and staying up until he got home. It would be 1 or 2 in the morning because he worked late hours. He’d walk through the door and see me peering down the staircase. “Amy! What are you doing up?! Go to sleep!” and my usual reply was, “I am! I was just waiting for you to get home” and reluctantly crawl back to bed.

We were both night owls. During weekends + summer nights, he would find me (usually reading by my bedside) and ask if I was hungry. We’d sneak downstairs and he would prepare the most delicious late night cold steak sandwich. Sitting down together at the kitchen table, we would finish our sandwiches with the sweetest mixed Lipton iced tea ever. It was our quality time.  Just me and my dad!

In elementary school, I *HATED* taking the school bus. It meant waking up extra early in the morning and being bullied by the other school kids because I was shy + quiet and tiny for my age. Instead, my dad dropped me off — everyday. The school was literally two minutes away but he would get up anyway and take me (and my brother when he started Kindergarten).He never took me on time but I’d rather be late than have to ride the big yellow cheese!

+ Before getting out of the car, I would stick my head up and he would give me a kiss on the forehead. Then I’d jump out of the car with my oversized pink backpack and book it to my classroom.

A good outcome?  Aways arriving late to school has made me a very punctual person. You won’t catch me late to work or at an appointment if I can help it.

+ I owe my great taste in music to my dad. Why? Queen. Bruce Springsteen. Fleetwood Mac. Robert Miles. Journey. Cheap Trick. Billy Joel. The Cure. David Bowie. The Police and Sting. U2. New Order (New Order might be from my mom) lol. 

While growing up, we were poor and living in California. I was probably 3 or 4 years old but I remember Dad coming home with TWO EASTER BASKETS packed with green plastic confetti, candy, and small trinkets.

Even if it was one gift on our birthdays! I remember getting a Cupcake Doll on MY BROTHER’S birthday since they didn’t want me unhappy when he got his present (it was a toy car). haha.

love & gratitude
cupcake dolls

One big surprise?

I saw a commercial for a Sally Secret doll. This doll has stickers & stamps hidden all over her body. Her earrings were stamps. Her shoes contained the ink pads. Stickers were dispensed out of of her belly belt when you moved her right arm.  CRAZY! (for a 6 year old at least)

Love & Gratitude
Sally Secrets Doll

I begged my dad for it. “You can get it at Walmart!,” I exclaimed. “ON YOUR WAY TO WORK!” He left in a rush to get to his job – the Ritz Carlton hotel (yes, the ritzy one but don’t fret, we were still hard working middle class).

+ 15 minutes later, he opened the front door again in his suit & tie. Threw the brand new Sally Secret doll box at me. Gave my little brother a VHS copy of his new favorite movie, “Encino Man” – yes the one with Brandon Fraser and handed my sister $20 bucks while running back out to his car, now late for work.

BEST DAD EVER right then.

Enough with the memories. Love ya dad!