love & gratitude: 5/30

Every Friday…..end the week with things I love, like + & gratitude

+ Wine: All I can look at is my empty wine glass and think how nice it is to enjoy a glass after a long’s day work and THEN getting back to work on this…labor of love I called my blog. 🙂  I have a weakness for white wine — specifically Chardonnay but  pinot grigo will do. As for reds, pinot noir’s got me.

+ Vitamin B-12. Thank you for the extra natural boost of energy. I can’t drink coffee or any of those caffeinated drinks so this is awe-some. Get some if you’re in need of an extra (natural) energy boost! Remember to drink your H2O though whenever you’re feeling fatigued.

+ When friends come over at 10 pm bearing gifts: fresh McDonald’s french fries, Halal brothers, beer + wine. Then we watch The Croods. ♥

// “Don’t dream your live. Live your dreams” – Uschi Obermaier

//”Smart people learn only from their teachers.Wise people learn from everyone.” – Yehuda Berg

+ Allergies have been kicking everybody’s butt in the Washington DC metro area. Stuffy nose + difficulty breathing puts me in the worst mood while sitting in the office trying to patch test software.  I need to up my dosage of Claritin. Love ya spring but you aren’t perfect.

+Got a Nationals game to attend Sunday! (That’s baseball for you non-sports folks). It won’t be the million dollar seats behind home plate again but I can’t wait. Baseball + wine + greasy stadium food = my idea of a great Sunday afternoon in June

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