love & gratitude: 5/23

Every Friday…..end the week with things I love, like + appreciate.

Love & Gratitude

+ Being surrounded by beauty. Nature. Taking in STUNNING views like this.

I am standing inside a cave overlooking Ramla Bay on the island of Gozo in Malta.  *le sigh* How do I want to travel….MORE. I love the idea of going back home after a trip but I get the itch to leave again so quickly.

+ Public Holidays. My first public holiday from work since New Years is here! We are celebrating Memorial Day so it will be a lovely three day weekend. I have no real plans except some rest & relaxation. I want to work on this blog and write about my trip to Malta as well.

Maybe grab a few beers + my laptop and lounge by the pool?

Love & Gratitude
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+ Cookie Butter: God’s gift to humans. It is delicious + addicting. You just need a spoonful and that’s it. Not too sweet with a bit of gingerbread flavor. Mmmm!!

What do you want to show appreciation for? Anything to mention that’s love-worthy?


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