love & gratitude: 5/2


My birthday was yesterday! 🙂 I turned….28 (oh god, not far off from being the big 3-0).

+ Had an amazing birthday with my closest girlfriends who I lovingly refer to as “my chickadees.” Future post of how I celebrated is forthcoming. 🙂

I love each and every one of these chicks!

+ Everybody who called me, sent a text message, or just wrote Happy Birthday on my Facebook wall. It was really sweet and while I harp on the downsides of (over)using social media, I think hearing a happy birthday from someone you don’t talk to everyday is still nice + touching.

+Grateful for my other friends who have taken the time to take me out to dinner! Thank you!

+ Allergy medicine: Spring time = crazy allergies + hay fever. Thank you to modern medicine to keep me from getting close to death everyday.

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