love & gratitude: 4/25

Every Friday…..end the week with things I love,  like + appreciate.

veronicaMy lovely + beautiful friend Veronica (check out her corner of the web!).

We met at the naive + fun age of 18-19 in college and had internships for a company called Envision LLC. We are 2/3s of a trio called the Envision Girls with our close friend Juliana (who will get featured later).

+ Description of her? FABULASTIC (fabulous + fantastic).

// She’s got style + great taste + sass.  Her belief  = being absolutely ridiculous > absolutely boring.  Who gives greeting cards for your birthday + holidays? This chick. Cards that are hand-written. Classy & thoughtful to the max!

Oh and we’re both wine lovers — to an extreme.



 The Blogcademy: Taught by three A-list bloggers. I learned the basics to blogging but it was the motivation and drive that made this workshop amazing. I also took it in Austin, TX so that brought me to a new + funky city that I totally adore! Attending this workshop was what pushed me to launch Generic Dreams and here I am blogging + writing about the things I love.

♥ Grateful for my 22 days of vacation a year (not including holidays). This number exceeds the average that most workers get in America and for that, I am extremely appreciative.
+ My company also pays 100% for my health benefits. You have no idea how much gets taken out of your paychecks for health, vision + dental. I would love to work from home + different locations but I am thankful that I’m in a position that I adore + job security + leaves me happier on most days.





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