Love & Gratitude: 4/18

Every Friday…..end the week with things I love + like + appreciate.

gratitude-unlocks-the-fullness-of-life This makes me ecstatic! A #100 happy days campaign to help people have more gratitude! Love it.

Can you do it? Join 🙂

♥ Tylenol for my crucial headache

♥  The beautiful blood moon/full moon vibe we got this week

♥ Prince’s new song “Fall in Love 2nite” with Zooey Deschanel

♥ A reading from The Tarot Lady. “It’s all about conscious living yo'” + I love her positive energy that comes with her readings.

♥ Despite the temperature drops, it is bright + sunny! I’ve been catching a tan on the drive home this week.

♥  When you lose your phone and Daddy dearest comes to the rescue with a back up phone (iPhone 5c no less) allowing you to wait for the s5 to be released

♥ Hugs + Cuddling make my night

♥ Jumping into bed with freshly laundered sheets put on

♥ Finding gems like this on Etsy: The Motivated Type (a stickler for typography)

♥ The mother freakin’ WEEKEND.


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