Love & Gratitude: 3/27

Every Friday…..end the week with things I love + like + appreciate.

My friend: Allan S. He would be mad if I posted a picture of him on the internet since he’s super private. 😛 We were co-workers in the early days of my consulting career and on the same team + project for a short period. Our friendship really blossomed after he left the project and I consider him one of my closest friends.

We have the most intense convos + debates/arguments + rants but we make it a point to see the other side. We want to understand the other person’s point of view to better understand OUR point of view. When we AGREE on something (which remarkably — is a lot), it’s done. We will go on and on about whatever it is that we love + hate or despise. He’s brutally honest – which I appreciate since who doesn’t want the truth right? (There’s a theme going on here with honest friends that I appreciate).

He’s also my Korean fried chicken partner!

anger management

The Break Up: I experienced a break up with my last boyfriend on November 30th, 2012.

It was a break up that was a complete & utter breakdown but ended up being a breakthrough.

I learned a lot. I don’t believe that I failed at any relationship but that it produces results. Results that can be interpreted in any way. My choice? View it as a life lesson. I went through 18 weeks of anger management and it changed me — for the better. I wanted to change. It led me to discover who I was and what I needed to live a happy + fulfilling life. So thank you. Thank you.

Being present

Music + Art & Food: Art and music are opportunities to live in  the NOW. The present moment. When we are listening to a song  or entranced by a piece of art, we’re stuck in this exact moment in time. Just simple pure enjoyment. When we are savoring a delicious meal – it is a fleeting moment and the goal is to feel the dance on our taste buds.

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