Love & Gratitude: 3/21

Every Friday…..end the week with things I love + like + appreciate


My friend Mimi@ (go visit her!). We met years ago when young & naive in college! Her gorgeous smile always brightens my days (and her huge excited hugs when she sees me).

Her compassion (especially for animals) + creativity + fashion sense  // She oozes thoughtfulness + forever caring + honesty (even when its tough love)

I laugh AND cry too much around her and she knows how to make a person feel loved. Forreal.

= my Down Ass Chick & Life Partner

ZEN HABITS — Zen : Breathe

Knowing me, I definitely need some websites to keep me calm + peaceful. Zen Habits is one of my daily reads to keep me happy & loved. ♥ the simplistic nature of it.


Friends with SUVs/AWD cars

I have a RWD car so there’s no way in hell that I’m going anywhere and being useful during the snow days this winter. On the other hand, thanks to my friends who manage to get around – they come to visit me and we get to celebrate. Snow day + Pajama Party = good times where everybody wishes we didn’t have a snow day

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  • Amy, oh my dear lovable, Amy<3
    I feel so grateful that we rekindled our friendship and that we're as close as we are now.
    Your enthusiasm, and ongoing support played a huge part in me becoming a stronger woman. Within a year, you've made such a positive impact on my life!
    You're, as simply as you put it, my life partner. Love you, boo!!!!

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