Love & Gratitude 2019

New Zealand - Wanaka

A few years ago, I started a weekly column called Love & Gratitude where I listed a few things I was particularly grateful for that week. It could be big, small, and just about anything I was appreciative about in life. It was a post to encourage positivism, lightness, and above all – gratitude for myself and my readers.

I stopped the column after about six months but due to a string of recent bad luck or shitty events, my friend Dexter brought up the idea of starting it again and that he missed reading them. Thanks to Dexter, this column will be back on a weekly basis – probably Mondays or maybe Fridays, I haven’t decided yet but here is it.

A list of things I’m loving or grateful for:

+ New Zealand: I LOVED LOVED LOVED New Zealand. It was an awesome two weeks. I will never forget it. I am SO grateful that I was even able to experience the beautiful country! There’s volcanos, lush rolling hills, lakes on lakes on lakes, glaciers, caves, beaches, forests, and hikes for days.

There was experiencing the new and scary like driving on the left side of the road (where you’re sitting on the right side and everything like your blinkers and wipers is all backward!) I met amazing people and made wonderful new friends who are kind, generous, and I know they were brought into my life for a reason.

There some challenges (like going the wrong way in a roundabout, getting a little sick, losing my phone) but I pulled through and that only taught me that I can handle anything the universe throws at me and that I can take care of myself. It’s never felt so empowering before.

shut up & write

+ Shut Up & Write Honolulu: I am SO grateful for this writing group. They all love to shower me with credit for starting the group but little do they know, they’re the ones that saved me. I am so happy that the group is full of friendly and good-hearted people and it’s such a positive and chill environment. I love that the purpose of the group is to write and be productive but also encourage and support other writers to success!

+ Headspace (the meditation app): I’ve used Headspace before a few times a few years ago but never got into the habit of meditating (just did it here or there). A month ago, Dexter commented that he couldn’t sleep and had really bad insomnia. I suggested meditation and recommended a few apps that I had tested out but never really dived into (including Headspace). Well, somehow I suggested that we BOTH download Headspace and try meditating while using the Friends feature to keep track of each other’s progress! 30 days later? Guess who’s still on a hot streak? We are! Meditating has been an amazing habit to pick up. I won’t say it’s changed my life dramatically but that’s the point right? It’s small and subtle yet so effective in improving your life and mindset.

My job: I love where I work and the people I work with. My team and my colleagues are AWESOME and it makes going to work a pleasure rather than “work.” It’s not about what you’re working on, it’s who you’re working with!

Being alive: As you can see, I’ve done a few “crazy” things in my life. Skydiving twice, bungy jumping twice, riding motorcycles, climbing abandoned skyscrapers, swim with sharks, hang gliding, and eating food from questionable street vendors in various countries. I’m still alive, kickin’ it, and grateful for the opportunity to continue experiencing life’s epic adventures.

What are YOU grateful for?