An introvert wilts in a city

diabolical death valley in a day

As a (semi-retired) digital nomad and someone in their early thirties, I’ve always “had” to live in cities or close to them because I dreaded and hated any sort of commute. Whether this was in Washington DC, San Francisco, or Honolulu.

It was perfectly fine in the beginning when I was in my early twenties. I wanted to be in the hustle and bustle and in the thick of everything.

Then as a digital nomad, I HAD to live in big cities because I relied on walking or public transportation. City-living has its conveniences. In developing countries, the internet was usually better and faster in the cities. You couldn’t always get internet in the outskirts or the countryside. (Exception: Sundesk in Morocco) but that’s slowly changing.

Now that I’m living in Honolulu, I’m starting to realize that I do not like living in the city – at all. I didn’t realize how much actual silence I enjoy until I was sitting in my apartment and continuously hear ambulance sirens, fire trucks, and car alarms at least once or twice a day.

Walking around and having to purposefully rearrange my face into the “resting bitch face” so I can walk in peace without having catcallers or the homeless and deranged target me is exhausting. Not to mention, walking around with a hardened expression on your face actually does harden you.

The only thing stopping me from leaving and moving to the outskirts is the dreaded traffic that plagues most big cities on the mainland as well because wasting time in traffic is another thing that sucks the life out of a soul.


Time to escape the city. Get into the country, the beach, and the trees. 


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