Iceland: The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon. Photo credits:

We arrived in Reykjavik around 7 AM flying in from Iceland Air. Jetting through customs +  picking up our luggage was a delight this time. At this point, I felt totally jet lagged….and floating around in a steamy “natural”  geothermal hot spring sounded like a dream.

After buying some Skyr for breakfast, this Icelandic dairy product, similar to yogurt; I attempted a very cold + uncomfortable nap in the hard plastic chairs of the airport. A long  3 hours later, we finally boarded the bus and I slumped down in my seat to relax on the way. It was a cold, cloudy and drizzly day and I felt just slightly more frozen than I usually do in cold weather.

Entrance to the Blue Lagoon. Photo Credit:

After a 45 minute drive, we arrived and our luggage was stowed away at the facility. You are led inside and follow the  line of tourists to the registration booths. You pay the blue lagoon entrance fee + any add ons (like a towel or bathrobe). You can also purchase extra packages but we opted for the basic entrance fee + a towel & bathrobe. You get your towel/bathrobe + this plastic blue wristband that allows you to open + close your locker as well as enter + leave the lagoon!!  I found myself a locker, stripped out of my clothes, grabbed my bikini + towel and jetted over to an individual shower to scrub myself (required like in Japan’s hot springs). After being so fresh + so clean, I was ready.

Freezing outside the blue lagoon.
Freezing my butt off outside

After leaving the locker room, you enter a spacious well-lit room  with large windows and doors to the outside as well as a spa cafe and a little indoor part of the pool. You can get into the water from here and swim to the outside through a man-made cavern-like tunnel or just run outside in your bathing suit while trying to look composed and sophisticated.

I slid into the geothermal-heated steamy salt water and floated away for a few minutes. Letting the heat overtake my body. I kept trying to find the “hot spots” of the lagoon – where the water was hotter in some places than others.  Scattered across different edges of the lagoon were wooden sandboxes filled with white silica and other earthly minerals designated to put on your face and body. I took the initiative and  applied this concoction quite liberally to my face and body….and it felt like my cheeks had been stung by bees and then exfoliated to the max. I’ll take it as a sign that it worked.

I left feeling very relaxed + refreshed. Ready to head to our hotel and the next day’s adventure which involved glaciers, caves, and wild horses.

Eating a sandwich after leaving the blue lagoon. Getting ready to go to our hotel.


The Blue Lagoon is a tourist attraction but a pretty nice relaxing one. I do recommend especially after arriving in Iceland!

Blue Lagoon Spa
240 Grindavík

GPS: 63.879, -22,434
Entrance Cost: $35-40 euros per adult (depending on winter/summer). Teenagers are at a discount and children under 13 are free!
Add-ons: $5-10 euros for each towel, slippers, bathrobe, or bathing suits
Recommended: Getting the FlyBus tickest with the package so you have transportation from the airport to the lagoon as well as transportation to your hotel afterwards. It is best to go right when you arrive to Iceland rather than before you leave IMHO.

*Note: Due to a disparity between the photographer and me, the only photos posted from this trip are with me in them. All photos of me belong to unless noted otherwise.