Staying at Iceland Hotel ThingHolt

Hótel Þingholt – ThingHolt Þingholtsstræti 3-5 – 101 Reykjavík

iceland hotel thingholt Photo Credit: Broadway Travel
The lounge/bar area. Behind is the breakfast room.
Photo Credit: Broadway Travel

This is the hotel we stayed at in Reykjavik, Iceland. It is located just a few steps away from the main street in the city but t is quite easy to miss. It is a grey concrete industrial building with a door that says “Hotel Thingholt” on the side on glass. The floors are made of leather tiles and the lobby walls are decorated with salmon-colored leather tiles- very Scandinavian chic. When entering the hotel there’s a long black lava textured wall, covered in dark glass masks representing the hidden people of Iceland and a small waterfall trickling down over them. The receptionist was always some cute Icelandic girl ready to greet us whenever we trotted through. They were all very sweet and helpful with directions or giving us advice/hints on what to do or where to go. The hotel itself was pretty quiet – they did not seem to have too many visitors at the time since it is “shoulder season” in Iceland around October.

iceland hotel thingholt Photo Credit: Easy Voyage
Receptionist area from the entrance. Photo Credit: Easy Voyage

It is a 52-room hotel and very boutique-ish. They were clearly going for the modern + contemporary vibe and succeeded. It reminded me of fashion designer Alexander Wang’s apartment. Very dark with animal skin/print (black snakeskin and cowhide rugs). The lobby is also dark and has a wonderful buffet breakfast. Nothing out of the ordinary but everything was fresh and tasty to start off your day touring the country. I usually loaded my plate with the usual scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, cute mini croissants, and OJ. They had a ton of other pastries as well as ham, oatmeal, cereals, fruits, coffee, etc. The room was a bit smaller – easily comparable to NYC standards but I don’t particularly mind since it was nice and cozy. Instead of regular heating, they had the old-fashioned side panel heaters? (can’t describe it) but if you turned it on, the room got steaming hot!

iceland hotel thingholt Photo Credit: Splendida
The bedroom. Photo Credit: Splendida

The bathroom was quite spacious with a wonderful shower head. The water was piping hot and did not smell like sulfur or rotten eggs like we read at other lower-end hotels. (The hot water smells naturally like sulfur because it comes from under the volcanic ground)  Instead of having a wall between the bathroom and the rest of the room, it has a glass wall! However, it is frosted so your partner cannot see you while you’re relieving yourself but they can…hear *everything.* I believe the price was around US$150 per night but Iceland goes by the Kroner/krona and that is even higher than the Euro! Since we went in October, the price was less expensive than in spring/summer. I would definitely love to stay here again!