How to be a digital nomad 101

5 ways to be a digital nomad

First, what’s a digital nomad?

Digital Nomads are individuals who leverage telecommunications technologies to perform their work duties, and more generally conduct their lifestyle in a nomadic manner. (wikipedia)

So first you need to create some income via the internet or just on a computer. Here’s the five basic ways on how to become a digital nomad….

  • Remote Worker: This means you work for a company and you’re allowed to work remote or telecommute. Sometimes, there’s restrictions. An example is if you work for a government consulting company and have a security clearance, you may be able to work remotely but only within the US. Most of the time, if the company allows remote work – it means anywhere with a decent internet connection (and cell phone reception). There’s plenty of companies that allow remote work and there’s a (very fast) trend of companies going 100% remote.

Remote Job Listings:
We Work Remotely
*Note: You can also search craigslist and various regular job searching sites like and and select the Telecommute/Remote option when doing a search

  •  Freelancer/Independent Contractor: This means any service you can offer through the internet. Some common freelancer type jobs is a developer/programmer, graphic designer, copywriter, virtual assistance, photographer, etc. If you have a particular skill set, you can offer – try it out! This can be SEO, marketing, even being a WordPress guru. Being a freelancer/IC allows you to be your own boss in a sense but you will have clients to answer to. Being a freelancer requires serious discipline and business skills to get the referrals coming.

Freelance Job Sites:

  • E-commerce: aka e-marketing. This definitely belongs in the entrepreneurial section but it’s so vast and massive so I think it belongs in it’s own category. You can do drop shipping which is basically being a middleman or affiliate sales which is another form of e-marketing. I’m not super familiar with e-marketing but experts like Johnny are and you can learn a lot from him if you choose to pursue this path.

Dropshippers & E-Marketers: – a friend and fellow nomad who currently lives in Thailand with his girlfriend Larissa who also has a drop-shipping business.
Anton Method

  • Blogging/Vblogging/Podcasts: This is also more entrepreneurial but belongs in another category as well since you’re creating income from writing/blogging as well as other revenues like partnerships with brands, e-books, sponsored posts, advertising, and affiliate marketing. If you want to start blogging, pick a niche and stick with it. There’s fashion blogging, food/drink, wine, sports, travel, lifestyle, books – whatever your heart’s desire. I advise picking your passion or something else you’re really interested in.
    Take note: it’s hard to make money from blogging so I don’t advise quitting your day job tomorrow. It’s great if you’re willing to go all in 100% but I’d advise having some savings to work and travel.
  • Entrepreneur/Creator: Everybody wants to get HERE somehow. Creating a product or service that someone will use. Some people become consultants in a certain skill set and I guess if you’re a blogger or e-marketer, you’re probably in the big realm of entrepreneurship as well but there’s other ways to create income and travel. This requires discipline, hard work, creativity, and definitely blood, sweat, and tears. Since you’re doing this via the web – you’re going to need to learn to code or partner with a developer OR hire one for freelancing.

Examples: – my friend and fellow digital nomad Jay Meistrich is the creator and co-owner
Speecheo – owned by friend Raphael Harmel
YoreOyster– owned by friend Jordan Bishop
NomadList – owned by Pieter Levels (He also runs the social network digital nomad community called HashtagNomads. If you want to join – shoot me an email and I’ll get you an invite since I’m an admin as well.

We can go into much more detail regarding each of these options but this is just quick & brief summary on getting some ideas flowing and how you can bring some skills to the table.