hang gliding in virginia and maryland

hang gliding in virginia and maryland
It was a crisp fall morning. I drove to Ridgley, MD with two girl friends and after getting way into the countryside – we were there! We signed our life away (as always) and reviewed the procedures. Then it was quickly up up and away!  Since there are not that many mountains/cliffs to soar off of on the Eastern Shore, we were towed by a small airplane and later released when we got high enough.

We were up in the air drifting and soaring for about 20-25 minutes.  The view is freakin’ awesome and what struck me again – just like pulling your parachute after skydiving was the SILENCE. That high up in the air..it is eerily + quiet. My instructor and I would just glide in silence for minutes at a time. He seemed to understand that I enjoyed the lack of sound + the solitariness of it.

Apparently, you can glide for hours and end up somewhere completely different than where you started and you don’t even have to know where. Just land and ask someone! One time, he even landed in Pennsylvania-which is 2 hours away. During the ride, we found a few pockets of thermals – which are updrafts of hot air that rise from the ground into the sky. We glided up and around in a circular spiral. Just lazying around in circles…around X round.  I was able to take the controls and loop us left + right and diving down.

Hang gliding

Most solo hang gliders will land on their feet but since we were tandem gliding, it is easier + safer to land on wheels. I didn’t object. 🙂 Due to it being easier to land on wheels, we were able to be up in the air for even longer than usual.

hang gliding in virginia and maryland

hang gliding in virginia and maryland

Here I am getting geared up. Don’t forget a light jacket since it can get pretty chilly so high up! Also, remember your shades – they are a must! After many high notes + swoops that took my breath away.

Want to hang + glide X the sky?

Highland Aerosports Inc. (now http://www.blueskyhg.com/)
24038 Race Track Rd.
Ridgely, MD 21660
Ph#. 410.634.2700