Guatemala: don’t miss out the Tikal Ruins

Guatemala Tikal Ruins

Get to Guatemala’s Tikal Ruins

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and only an hour away from Belize so we *had* to stop by. You need a licensed tour guide FROM Guatemala to take you into the country & to the ruins. There is a customs fee for exiting ($37.50 USD for 2 people).

History Lesson: Tikal was the capital of a conquest state that became one of the most powerful kingdoms of the ancient Maya. It has a dynastic line of rulers – about 33! The downfall of Tikal is believed to have been from war + population decline and being conquered.

The Mayan ruins here are MASSIVE. The former city is huge with restoration being led by University of Pennsylvania + the Guatemalan government and ruins are still left undiscovered!

Guatemala Tikal Ruins

Location: Chilling at the top of temple tower IV where we can look at the other towers in the distance. I am a BIT nervous standing over the edge since if you fall….you fall to your death and demise — there’s no railings and I don’t think there should ever be!

+ Temple IV is the tallest temple-pyramid. If you are afraid of heights, you might want to take a deep breath and…JUST GO FOR IT. The views are phenomenal + worth the adrenaline rush.

Guatemala Tikal Ruins

+ Wandering down into the dark underground rooms of the ruins. It was quiet and creepy with some cob webs in the corner.

I noticed + appreciated there was very little graffiti and defacing of the ruins – for now. Belize and Guatemala does a good job making sure tourists do not deface their ancient sights and landmarks. Maybe because it’s the mainland Chinese haven’t gotten to this destination yet? heh.

Be prepared for a lot of walking and climbing stairs + steps.  It was cloudy for us at the time but I am sure it is steaming hot  + sunny the rest of the year. The humidity could get to some people – you are in the rainforest so just be prepared for that and bring water!

+ The bathroom facilities are far + few in between. Word of advice: bring hand sanitizer and a packet of tissues

Guatemala Tikal Ruins

Guatemala Tikal Ruins

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